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So bored of isolation I make bread

It’s molasses bread, yummy good

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey guys um this is a really reallyawkward I’ve really made a video inperson for a long time as you can see Igot a beard going on um I could maybemaking a video on you know some shittywish ad but today we’re gonna dosomething different or making bread soI’m not jokingwe’re actually making bread here andfirst thing you need to do to make thisbread which is a kind of sweet molassesbrown bread you need to guess it’s a ohthere’s oatmeal nests and it up I’ll addsome watermolasses which is important because youknow it’s molasses sticky as a commuteryou know like a lot of people have diedin and like a molasses flood a long timeago in United States kind of disturbingbut whatever mix it together and I willput this in the fridge for until it’scooled off wait I shouldn’t take toolong I’m all we’re doing that we’regoing to mix our yeast together which Iam using coconut oil because I do knowhow shortening or butter or lard[Music]as it does stain a lot of things itstands up quite a few things nice mixchair and down on the console it will bethe exact measurements because I don’thave time to say it at all um so we hadany taste in and then you add for somebrown sugar in this stuff it’s like achicken like war on the cold and the hotring because you don’t like the least[Music]I’m gonna give that a good mix[Music]CRT East is finally ready so now youknow what’s active is alive you knowit’s run away from that creeper it canfinally add our molasses make sure thislast show we add that I’m just a lot ofoats were just having stuffing there so[Music]okay now we have all this mix themtogether now we have that I need apattern flour and saltyou know the gluten structure of thebread and I’m at a kind of mass reasonpink Himalayan salt just add that in andwhen you’re adding flour like this perse in this large amount and just add asmall amount at a timewell besides two of these and I mix itup and then we’ll do it again and rightyou Series in the dough hook right here[Music]it’s almost like the beginning of agingerbread because they’re just a lotof molasses in Gingerbread[Music][Music][Music]okay so if I lift it up right here it’snow gathering into its proteins likethat gluten is forming and it’s gonna beperfect for our bread it’s getting shinyon the outside and it’s finallydeveloping well then you know a littlebit further and then we’re gonna getthis rate rise make sure your hands andoils see it a little bit though thoughwe’re gonna set it to rise now which youcan put our tablecloth that’s wet end ontop of the dough or eise around runs toprevent moisture loss so now we’re justgonna grab all the dough off the hookbecause we don’t want to waste any ofthis don’t want wasting for hard worklook how stretchy and look how nice itis that is perfect and I’m gonna graball this know what may be the smart justto get the ball off my hands are greasythis is a little bit of a struggle outof this gotta gun it out a little bit ofhelp and grab the rest of this on thehook and now we’re gonna coat this withoil before we do anything else[Music]no if you don’t want to get your handsor you can do it with easily easily aPam I’m not a big fan of oils and cansyeah this is a very very sticky butthat’s to be expected as molasses breadthat’s itwe’re gonna uncover we’re gonna hosethis entire thing if oil we got all ofour oil in here now we’re just gonnalike flip it over around you know getall that no I always spank my doughwho’s your daddy all right now we’regonna cover that at rest cover in oiland I’m gonna wrap it up okay I’m justgonna wash my handsyou know there’s a fire spoil and Ican’t even say that would also getdemonetized so you’re gonna have tofirst rinse your hand this is reallyreally hot okayI would good temperature for yoursupport burn anythingjust really follow my sink it’s reallyhard with my sink it’s really hardraise your hands pulley up water grab itsoGalip make sure it’s a lather your handsget every piece every location checkyourget all the way down to the wrist niceand perfect down and rinse them offI make sure to wash your hands beforetouching any foodyou wash your hands real attack wrap itup with a Guinea oil everywhere makesure that’s nice and tight[Music]another piece right there okay now it’snice and tight it’s airtight you cantell by pushing on and there’s anairport bright day until that’s a hairdays I know itI see that our dough has been rising foran hour and so now we’re going tocarefully take off the saran wrap guesswe’re gonna reuse that add 1/2 thespatula right here and we’re going toFlorida[Music]but she normally have[Music][Music][Music]and box[Music]yeah I should be good enoughso now our rental foulnesslike so it againthe[Music]okay the breads finished rising to becareful it’s nice but we have theMinecraft furnace three kids at five 350degrees I can not speak today and sowe’re going to just want to score thisnow which I just learn how to do it’slike the toplatelyall rightno one right there[Music]you know like okay let’s pray I don’tburn myself we’re gonna put in the oven400 degrees for 30 minutes[Music]all right now it’s in the oven now justwait hope they don’t burn myself hereand now I’m gonna brush it with oil Ilet it sit out for overnightand I should be good to eat I don’t knowif well we’ll all pull this tonight ortomorrow morningdamn it looks finished the bread oh Iactually ate quite a bit of it it’sreally goodI just want to show you me cutting thisboy a buttfucking looks good okay that’sa terrible cut but you see these partsactually this bread looks deliciousit’s really good sweet[Music]I think that’s all thatfor the[Music]

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