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Here is another video in my daily store cupboard series and hope you will try these naans at home. So easy to make and can be cooked on a pan and no oven needed for this.

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Chetna Makan appeared on the Great British Bake Off in 2014 and won the ‘Christmas bake off 2016’.

Her first book ‘The Cardamom Trail’ came out in April 2016.
Her second book ‘Chai, Chaat & Chutney’ came out in July 2017.
Her third book ‘Chetna’s Healthy Indian’ came out in Jan 2019.

You can find the book in stores and online.This is an absolute treat of a meal, a dish made on special occasions, simple yet stunning!

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Video Transcription

what a lovely sunny morning I’m justmaking the most of the sunshine a cuppabefore I get into the kitchen and startokay and today I’ve got an amazingrecipe for you or for a flatbread or anaan which I am going to make on thehome in a pan so amazing and also I’mgoing to just use whatever flowers I canfind in the kitchen right now I’m reallyexcited for this recipegoing to start with the door and I havenot got any plain flour at home rightnow so I’m using 150 grams ofself-raising flour or one cup and I’vealso got one cup of wholemeal flour or150 grams so that’s equal quantities ofboth if you have plain flour then justuse 300 grams of plain flour and thenI’m going to add to this I’m going toadd two tablespoons of just naturalyoghurt I always have this at home weall love yogurt right that goes in andthen I’m gonna add one teaspoon of sugarand one teaspoon of salt and also I’vegot some fast action yeast actually Ithink would be around a tablespoonoh no just a little less than a teaspoonbut I’ve used one sachet of yeast andnow I have got 140 ml of whole milk sofirst I’ll just mix this all up combinedit[Music]just going to take some oil in my handsand then I’m gonna need this for four tofive minutes[Music]now I’m going to leave this back in thebowl cover it with wax tea towel cleantea towel now the texture is this goingto be very different to a normal nonbecause I’ve used completely differentflour but it’s still going to be amazingsome greener cover and leave this for atleast an hour or two and leaving thedoor sides to kind of chill I’m going tothread something that I will add throughthe lawn once it’s ready so I’ve got onelarge red onion[Music]starting with a hot pan and a couple oftablespoons of oil I kinda wondershallow China shallow fry but just haveenough oil so the onions are cookednicely and golden[Music]one still starts to soften up I am goingto add half a teaspoon of sugar nowthat’s one for each carrot but I wonderwill always be caramel findercaramelized onion yourself and I havegot two large I mean oh Godgarlic cloves and I’m going to thinlyslice them finely chopped also I’ve gota nice big chili green chili that’s whatit isso we are going to cook it for a fewmore minutes and you say somethingactually add the garlic so if you arethinking what I need this for I am goingto make the nonce after this and withthis mixture and[Music][Music][Music]and then last I’m just going to put abig pinch of salt[Music]this is looking pretty good actuallylook at that really soft how many housesa permit to do three hours it’s beenthree hours I’ve left it aside and I amgoing to divide it into six pieces[Music][Music]so this is the kind of size and shapeI’m looking for you can make its roundrectangle triangle square go crazy nowcut a hot pan and I’m just going toplace it in here I’m going to cover itand then let it cook for a couple ofminutes just feel so nice right I’mgoing to do the same on this I’m goingto do the same I am going to do the sameon this side so cover and cook thisagain for two minutes right that’s finetime is done for two minutesperfect take this off and take it toplates where I have got some homemadekey the recipe is on YouTube and I’mjust going to put the tiniest bit of keybecause otherwise it will dry out andyou know also it adds so much to theflavor all right okay and now the bestbit is this this goes on top hereoh my god it’s smelling so good with thekey and[Music]lovelythis is smelling too good and I cannotwait[Music][Music]it’s amazing because it’s got that addedflavor off the flower to it you can haveit with any of the curries that we havebeen making over the last few days orany dish from the channel it will go soso well with it but if you don’t want togo through all that what I’ve done herewith this onion mix you can just serveit with this rule it up or you know sothe guys alright guys that’s it for mefor today come back tomorrow for anotherbrand new recipe hope you are enjoyingthe series please leave me a comment Ilove to hear from you and stay safewash your hands oh just watch it and youneed to subscribedid I mention that I did oh well if Ihaven’t mention it don’t forget tosubscribe[Music]

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