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Rainbow Waffles

These colorful waffles will make a special breakfast for someone! Try them on St. Patrick’s or your local Pride Day 🙂


My name is Tammy and I live in Northeastern Ontario Canada. I am a married, full-time working mom of a son in college.

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Video Transcription

rainbow waffles
hello everyone starting off with some
pancake and waffle mix now you can make
yours from scratch if you want that’s up
to you I use just a box mix that you add
water to it because it was easier I used
about two cups of the mix and then you
need to divide it among six bowls
equally and then tint each one a
different color now you’ll notice these
little bottles in the background there
those are like those condiment bottles
you put ketchup and mustard and that
kind of stuff in I bought those from the
dollar store thinking I would put all my
different batters in there I just use up
like a little squirt bottle but I wasn’t
making very much so I decided not to use
them so that’s why they’re sitting there
now also I made these extra vibrant I
put extra food color in each one just so
that the clothes are really pop for the
video if you don’t want to use as much
food color then just put a little less
and you’ll they’ll be more pastel II but
they’ll still be rainbow and they’ll
still be quite good so once all of your
waffle batter is tinted and as color
we’re ready to cook it in our waffle
iron now this is not my first try at
making rainbow waffles normally when you
make waffles you heat up your waffle
iron until it’s hot then you add your
waffle mix and then you shut the waffle
maker and then you cook them but when
you do that if this whole awful maker
was hot that red batter that I started
with first would start to cook and by
the time you go out to the end the red
batter will be quite cooked probably or
almost done and you shut the lid of the
waffle maker and then you end up with
some really brown waffles and then the
color of them which is terrible so what
I decided to do this time when I start
with a cold waffle iron so my waffle
makers not plugged in it is cold and
then I just took spoonfuls of the batter
and just put stripes of color across
both of the little waffle forms and they
overlap a little bit so you’ll have one
side of the waffle that’s maybe a little
prettier than the other but it worked
out quite well as you will see so filled
up the forms with the different colors
one little stripe for each and then once
that’s full all I did was shut the
waffle maker
turn it on or plug it in shut it and
then cook them until it looked like they
were done so I just let it cook for
about two minutes took a look at them
and they look like they were just about
done you want to cook them enough so
that they are solid you can remove them
but not so cooked as so that there are
brown you can’t see the colors anymore
then I decided to try to take them out
and I immediately realized I forgot one
crucial step in this waffle making
exercise and yes that is greasing the
waffle maker prior to doing this so I
ended up just kind of scraping it out
and then I had to scrub the waffle maker
and start again I ended up with a a
plate of very pretty rainbow colored
crumbs of waffles just like that so here
we go again
grease your waffle maker very well I use
cooking spray it works awesome just put
a nice thick coating of that cooking
spray on there and then you’re gonna
fill up your waffle maker like you
normally like I just showed you prior to
this now this particular amount of
waffle mix two cups made eight waffles
just to give you an idea if you’re
making a lot of waffles then you may
want to put this batter make more batter
and put it in those squeeze bottles and
it might be just a little bit easier if
you can just squeeze it into the waffle
maker instead of using a spoon but the
spoons Westford worked pretty good
anyway so now we’re in a cold waffle
maker that’s been greased once again as
soon as I’m done I’m gonna shut the lid
I’m going to pull hug it in and then
every couple of minutes or so I check
them to see how they were doing now the
thing is that you don’t want them to get
super Brown cuz you want to try to
maintain those colors but that’s gonna
mean that your waffles are not gonna be
super crispy so I just wanted to check
here to make sure that they weren’t
sticking and they weren’t so I was very
happy and then I put it in for another
minute or so and as you can see when I
take these out there’s a little bit of
in the little squares in the actual
waffle but overall the color stayed true
now you can see there they’re not crispy
like a lot of the waffles that you would
normally make just to try to preserve
that color here’s one I cooked a little
bit longer that they were a little bit
crispier and you can see that the inside
of the little squares was quite brown
but you could still actually see quite a
bit of color so overall it wasn’t too
bad and here’s a close-up of one of the
waffles that I made now of course you
can serve them any way you want you can
serve them with a little bit of maple
syrup if you’d like or with a little bit
of sweetened whipped cream and some
sprinkles like I’m gonna show you here
you can stack them up you can put them
single whatever you’d like
now the flavor of these it tastes like
waffles and if you use a Merritt color
food coloring I find there’s almost zero
aftertaste because a lot of the food
colors especially I found Wilton brand
you get an aftertaste a chemical
aftertaste after you’re done eating them
and it’s really not very pleasant
especially when you use this much food
color but these are actually Americana
is actually pretty good and you if you
had your eyes closed you could never
tell that they were had any food
coloring in them at all and these were a
success I was happy with the way they
turned out now my channel it was almost
built on rainbow food and I’ve done
pretty much every rainbow food that you
can imagine and they’re all on a very
multicolored playlist go ahead and check
it out

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