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VLOGMAS DAY 27 – I make blueberry protein waffles because he WON’T EAT! – DIYNINJA

baby is sick again and so am I. he wont eat his usual breakfast so I make him blueberry waffles to spark his appetite!

I N S T A G R A M – @diy_ninja_

Music: Dear Autumn
Musician: @iksonofficial

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

good morning is vlogmas day 27 I meanthe baby todayhe’s sounding a little bit more perkybut all night long is like havingdifficulty breathing because his nose asall plugged up and he’s coughing tossingand turningI had him sleep in the bed with mebecause I’m just want to keep all on himbecause I wanted to make sure he wasable to breathe so I could just like youknow what his nose and stuff so yeah Ihaven’t been getting a lot of rest andmy throat is hurt dang but yeah at leastmost of the festivities are over now soI think we’re okayyeah he seems to be feeling better aftereating some blueberries and drinkingsome warm water let’s say hello to thedogs look at these little cuties my cutelittle lumpsthey’re so good you guys are so good huhand so sweet and so cute that’s PeteJohn and Nala they’re like best budsthey always sleep together play togetherthey do everything together you know itis 14 she’s the chew all over you overherethat’s Nala she’s my kid doll and thisis Peter he is seven and a half sothere’s a big age gap so if you’rewondering like oh I have a dog andthey’re only used to me I don’t know ifthey’ll accept another dog Matt doesn’tdoesn’t hurt to tryyeah just knowledge is super good andthey’re both really like loving to thebaby and they never tried to bite him oranything and they know that he’s ourbaby right peeps and you guys are mybabies they’re so good I was a littlebit worriedwhen I was pregnant how they would reactto a new baby but they did so well andso excellent never had to worry one timeyes you’re so good I love you so muchanyways I’m drinking my ginger tea costhis is perfect for when you’re sickbecause it gives you energy and itsoothes your throat has honey in itfeeling a little better now yeahsomebody I made him a banana smiley faceyeah yeah yeah but he went toblueberries too so I gave him a bowl andthen he pours it on top of the bananas[Music]Oh uncle horn yeah and when when we’resick we’re not feeling well we want anice and cozy yeah so we all wearonesiesit’s a onesie Catie Wayne Dee’s middlefleece fuzzy socks from Cusco my sameöcollab with anyone from like 12 yearsago when Z and baby’s brown bear LindseyFoat Rogers or each of blueberries babyblues you can’t just say it you actuallyhave to eat for me okay King yes he’snot hungryoh he was saying hi to my mom eventhough she’s upstairs one more time[Music]yeah wash your car wash your car babyyou have to keep your car clean good job[Music]all rightso the baby’s not eating and oh mythroat hurts so much you can barely talkyeah the baby’s not eating and my momdoesn’t eat enough so I’m going to mixthem some blueberry waffles so thathopefully they eat that he’s not eatingjust blueberries and bananas by himselfall right they’re simply worried thenhopefully this turns out well I’m justgonna give it a little stir and we’llstart picking waffles this is my wafflemaker my husband bought it on Amazon butyeah I just greased the waffle maker andwe’re just waiting for it to heat up upa little so it cooks faster since wehave blueberries I don’t know riskyrisky move should I want it to burn butI would take forever to cook either Ican’t see[Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah there’s the second waffle I did agood job this time looking watch italright here’s my mom’s breakfastblueberry waffle with bananas andblueberries and maple syrup baby can yousay thanks mama[Music][Applause]is it fun ice cream you can’t have icecream but you can eat soft-serve okay[Music]yeah mommy’s sitting with you here we goyou know yeah you’re not getting ahaircut oh do you want a haircut youwant oh you’re doneoh you’re done well here okay okay nomore haircutsoh all right click great good to be onetwo three like hey oh oh nine ten andagain what good job the end one to theendone good counting hey we’re gonna gowalk the dogs okayokay drink your water baby alright we’reback from my walk and I feel way moresafe so I think we’re gonna end the vloghere thanks for watching I’m gonnasubscribe thumbs up and I’ll see younext time

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