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Swedish Waffles

Learn how to make Swedish waffles! Produced for Våffeldagen (Waffle Day) by Madelene Trolle, member of the Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA) of North Carolina. The host is Amanda Trolle (first-year student at the University of Mississippi). Perfect for fika (Swedish coffee break)!

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Video Transcription

today we are going to be showing you howto make Swedish waffles here are theingredients 1/2 teaspoon of salt 1teaspoon baking powder 1 tablespoonsugar4.5 deciliters of flour 100 grams ofmelted butter cooled 1 deciliter clubsoda 3 dust liters of milk and 1deciliter of half-and-half and 2 eggs solet’s get started start by sifting yourflour into the bowl the reason for thesifting is to make sure that there islittle lumps as possible in the flourwhen you’re mixing all the ingredientsthen you’re going to add baking powdersugar and your salt and stir it alltogether then you’re going to add yourmilk and your half-and-half and stirthat togetherthen add your butter and stir thattogether before you add the club sodathe reason for using the club soda isfor the waffles to become crispy nowplug in your waffle maker and turn it upto the maximum heat make sure that youspray it before you put your waffle mixin there[Music]when it’s ready take it out it should bea golden-brown color for the traditionaltoppings we’ve prepared strawberriesblueberries and raspberries we alsodecided to make our own whipped cream bywith a heavy cream but you can also usespray whipped cream it doesn’t reallymatter and also we have powdered sugarwhich you sift on top to finish it alloff and there you have it your Swedishwaffle thanks for watching enjoy[Music]

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  1. Great job Jen…and Romans 8:28 is my life verse! My kids have heard me use it so much that they have it memorized. Tell Nolan that I said hi.

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  3. Wonderful job and a wonderful message. I know how good that recipe is.2nd only to the peanut butter cookies!!! Do you have that recipe too?

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