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hi also we are making chicken for thefirst time today so we have our mustardblack pepper chicken seasoned cayennepepper garlic salt or powder I’ll say hior just vinegar white vinegarLoree season and I am the first thingyou want to do we are taking yourchicken out of the package is to cleanit so you want to rinse it with wateruntil it is crystal clear and as you cansee I’m gonna add my white vinegarbecause they say that helps clean thechicken a little bit more okay afteryour chicken is clean now you want toadd your ingredients to it in the bowl Ihad cleaned this boat out there after Ihad like want rinse the chicken in it sowe are now adding you know ouringredients so my guys the monster wegot the season salt the onion powderyeah I know the race[Music]see the only reason why I noticed it’sbecause I watched my mama dude for yearsand she gave me this recipe before Imade this official video so shout out tomy momma I love you well after you getall of these nice seasonings on achicken what you want to do is you wantto stir it around because you want toget autumn season is to marinatetogether okay after your chicken is goodand marinate it I put it in this littleplastic bag because you know I justneeded it to light you could either letit marinate in the refrigerator ifyou’re not ready for it or just put itin the bag just cuz I don’t know thishow my mama used to do so after that wedon’t season the flour that sounds weirdbut I’m telling you it works and makesour chicken taste even better I’m aboutto cut some of the chicken[Music]not really it is what kind of doing it[Music][Music]we got one more I’m gonna do the rest ofthem off-camera but I just want to showyou some other ones I’m cuttingso we see if the oil is ready by takingjust a little bit of this flour just alittle pinch and you throw it in and seeif it starts to cook now it didn’t startto bubble so the oil isn’t hot enoughjust yet and that is how you figure outif your oil is ready so we’re gonna letthe oil get a little bit hotter in therei’ma come back on and we don’t fry thischicken okay so now we’re just takingthis chicken and then we’re gonna dropit oh wait let me just show you I put itseasoned in the flour so we could justshake that around a little bit but itseason it all in the flour and so nowI’m just gonna dip this chicken andflour it all good and show you so youcould come and see trying to make sure Ican’t eat meat inwe then dropping it the end it’sbeautiful that’s that’s beautiful now Iwill give you a close-up of what I’mdoing drop the next fantasyokay I’ll post it so yeah Cassiniso you see the flower and this is whatthe same thing that that we use earlier[Music]it’s not finished yet obviously but Ijust wanted to show y’all how it’sgetting crispy it’s been in for at leastlike six minutes now I feel like I’mjust gonna flip them over but you justbasically put the chicken until it’sgolden okay I’m gonna show y’all howit’s like looking and then I think I’mabout to take it out and then we’ll getthe next batch should go in next houseyou can look golden it should befloating and it should just be frying wedon’t get this chicken on point and it’sgonna be crispy it’s gonna be good we’regonna have some good waffles on the sidewe get up period[Music][Music]so I’ll about the Jews traveling this isP whistle flavor tight sideit’s first weekthe seasontime to taste like my mom’s butobviously is not because my mom beencooking for years and it’s my first timebut pretty good pretty good thank youmom for the recipeokay the chicken is done I wish it wasbigger because it kind of cooks a littlebit faster like on the smaller piecesyou see these pieces they look nice andall crispy okay so I don’t have a wafflemaker and so usually people do that butI’m just gonna use some waffles that Ibought from the store I know that it’sso horrible you guys I’m sorry but Ijust had to do it so here’s the waffleshonestly y’all I was so proud of myselfbecause this is my first time makingchicken and I just didn’t even know Icould do it but now I just like I can’twait to the next time I make chickenagain and I ripped my waffles especiallywhen I’m at home now when I’m out inpublic you know I used a knife and spinebut at home I’m ripping them I’m notusing a knife and fork I just want tolet you I know this chicken is reallyreally do it and I’m very proud ofmyself I say the way to somebody’s heartis through their stomachOh wife don’t ya[Music]you know I’m gonna do a voiceover thoughbefore I go I just wanted to leave youall with a few tips so if it’s yourfirst time making chicken like it waswith mine make sure when you have yourchicken in the oil the grease orwhatever don’t overcook it so take itout maybe just a minute before youroriginal thoughts of taking it out andalso when you’re seasoning don’toverseason but make sure you utilizelike enough season so make sure you putenough season in the flour and enoughseason on your chicken I know a lot ofpeople wonder why I never cook chickenbefore and it’s just because I’ve beenaround people who always cooked chickenand then when I cook usually I don’t fryanything I usually always like bake sothere you have it thank you for comingon this journey with me you all todaydon’t forget to Like comment share andsubscribe to this channel and untillater you all bye[Music]

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