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How to make Homemade Gluten Free Waffles Recipe…(ABSOLUTELY IMMUNE BOOSTING!!)

In this episode of George Gee’s *LIVE* Cooking Show we had some Special Surprise Guest Malaya,Jaiden & Jeremiah our Niece & Nephews it was a Amazing Family Time and Complexly Hysterically Funny!!! We made homemade Gluten Free Belgian Waffles that we’re Incredibly delicious..
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Chef George

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Video Transcription

hello champions Jorge do I hear for theJorge’s live cooking show guess what weare alive we are livewe got three awesome fired up guests mygrandnephew and nicewe got Jeremiah over here in the housesay hi say hi hellowe got Jaden over here we have Joe ofmalaya right Jim hey guys what we getready to do is we’re gonna get busy herewe’re gonna do amazingand I’m wondering why this thing ain’tgoing live on my facebook so roughTurner is watching Russ what’s upbrotherso we talking about doing some amazingrecipes with our kids right he saidwaffle cookies no awful cookie so we’retalking about doing some homemadewaffles they’re obviously the veganthey’re plant-based they’re gluten freeand the delicious great for the immunesystem we have some awesome blackberriesthat we’re gonna be using as well forour Sutherland as well I think Rosswhat’s up brotherwe’re gonna be using some we’re gonna beusing some this here is our amazingbanana flower we’re gonna be using someoat flour we have some some here we havesome almond milk I’m excuse meyeah only unspeaking almond milk we’reusing some date sugar we’re gonna beusing some this here is our bakingpowder and put that in we don’t put thedate sugar in by by back we’re gonna beputting in also some more of the flourhere this is we’re gonna use some oatflour here put the old flour come onbabycome on outso we had a couple banana flour and acup of oat flour we’re probably gonna goa cup and a half we have three threecups of Ohalmond milk and a place to be all rightI’m gonna also add to this a little seasalt guess what we just doing it liveyou know going live showing the kids howthey can have some fun hazel eyes thisis uh we got the Z we have the Cuisinartwaffle maker gone who else we got outget this rest and Ross the are an hourand a half okay so we got that goinglet’s see here we’re gonna go ahead andput some when you do like a half a cupof the juice is going to help it this isabout a half a cup of unsweetened yourcasitas is unsweetened applesauce yeahwe got my man over here we got Jeremiahover there wait so we’re gonna put thisin here on Facebook I mean we’re onFacebook we supposed to go live one onYouTube to looks for some reason yeahit’s not workingJaden Jaden we don’t need a we don’tneed you to give it a play-by-play sirthis is uh can you guys see that mm-hmmso how you guys doing Ross what’s upbrother how you doing manlet me just celebrate a birthday Giannacoachman’s your clan is watching Qwhat’s up baby how you doingI love was loving that that mix you didlast night you had me in here jammingwhen I was doing some doing a cookingshow a cooking show that I did lastnight that way that’s gonna go out todayit was a fire it was fired that was fireAaron said it was fire I was in herejamming so we appreciate that so this isgonna be awesome guys it’s gonna beawesomesee that can you guys see that and do mea favor guys I appreciate it if you goto our YouTube channel and subscribeit’ll be in the bottom of this link ofthis video when it’s over we justreached a milestone which is awesome wegot 25 subscribers now and we’re lookingto impact and change lives to awesomealternatives of delicious plant-basedfoods I got a question for Ross Qprobably not so much for rip for a rowfor us will you guys what do you guyslike best about me starting a vegan foodtruck vegan soul food truck comment downbelow and let me know what you likedbest about that keyonna asked what areyou making this right here is someplant-based vegan waffles is your nameum Georgie I’m just one I just wannajust kind of hump your honorsee that’s the kind of kid right herey’all that we get into movie theatersee see see something when you in themovie theater trying to listen he’sgoing like this why whack whack whackwhack whack my man Jeremih over in thebackhe just chilling saying tio tio see seesee it’s like thisback back back back back you see butMalaya she said baby baby Malaya she’snice very very astute listening takingit all inwe got the knucklehead over here he’swhack whack whack whack whack Jeremiasover there chillin he’s saying see it’snot cute though it’s not cute when yougot that you know when you say you gotthat that hands going it’s like thathinge in the end the doorman goes itjust when when the door opens up a lotof stuff comes out it could be gasit could be turn this thing up you knowwhat y’all I’m just gonna go ahead doesanybody have know a cameraman that wecould use that’s not God got me likethis it got me like this he honest theyget that truck going we need it comepark in front of my house yes yes yesyes yes well I’ll work on that on thatnow cube so we’re talking we’re talkingvegan vegan mac and cheese vegan mac andcheese we’re talking sir you got mycamera it’s loose so you know I’m sayingto you I’m trying to go I’m trying toget somebody who can use the camera yoso here’s the thing we’re gonna get backhere’s the thing when you get back towe’re gonna get back to the to the vegansoul food truck when you’re setting upyour equipment Q you can appreciate thiswhen you’re setting up your equipmentyou make it make sure everything isright you just gonna go through themotions like this right so I’mconsistently sharing with our man in theback my wingman to make sure everythingis right and not just sit up there aswhen we go live like we are now thenboom guess whatnot a camera shake in you know I want todo them a deal on I’m hitting right herebetween folk but I guess you can’t dothat cuz but anywayAaron Feliciano as well yeah what’s upbrother so we’re doing some homemadegluten-free vegan waffles and we’regetting back to this whole thing aboutmaking sure you’re prepared we needsomebody that can do this camera thingright cuz homeboys not he plans so howdoes that your camera guy is great okaywell alright well he’s great I’ll bequiet so he called you get him back toget him back to the see you I’m sayingy’all see what I’m saying this is thisis what we deal with every Friday wellnot every Friday because we drop themoff for school we can’t drop them offwith school today so we thought wethought it would be a great thing to puteverybody in on on the cooking show andsee what I’m saying y’all see you’re thesame y’all see what I’m saying you seewhat I’m sayingso anyway getting back to the vegan sofood truck so the question was aboutwhat do you guys like best about yourstruly starting a vegan soul food truckright here in the Greater Hartford areaand Kiana said get that get it done andhave it parked out in front of her housethat’s what she said right so we justwant to we want to ask you guys what doyou like best about that idea and leavethe comments below also what I want tosay was that on the vegan so food truckis going to be collard greens rightwe’re gonna have C I’m sayinthat’s what I’m talkin about you can’tnot script that can’t script that gothat’s awesome so it’s awesome so checkthis outso vegan soul food truck collard greensGreen so some cabbage vegan mac andcheese some vegan corn Britt officeobviously the desert side we’re gonnahave the chocolate I can tell you alltoo much I don’t wanna pull you out toomuch but yes there’s a couple otherthings that’s under my hat that I wantyou but I know cute what did you whatdid you what did we give you when youguys came over for dinner what did youhave for dessert you REM what it wasrightyes sir we do in the cookie shadowso yes sir see he said he wants to getup so you’re gonna go back in with titiokay take them out so you go back inwith titi Jeremiah Jaden you take usback in a signal with titi that’s whatI’m saying like j-just Shh min-soocoming do come here real quick nevermindBolin okay sir presenting no see lookthis is madness art this is not yourstory now this is not this is my mansake give him – this is my first monthmr. Milo it’s my little man sake howy’all doing hey how y’all doing give mesee say hi – hi hi everybodyalright so you going every titi nowwe’ll go TT you won’t go over there withtiti all right so give me fist bumpall right Luzon all right I’ll see youlittle while right we’re gonna do thesewaffles though all right here you go ohyeah buddy you might have to go to thepotty to go TT so you look good in thatpotty so you’ll be painting them drawall right this is a listen live this iswhat we do when we got the grant thegreat grand grand nephews and niecesalright so this thing I don’t know whyit’s acting up so we turn that off soanyway let us know what you like bestabout yoursurely starting a vegan soul food truckright here in the Greater Hartford areaand I kind of gave you a little bit ofwhat’s gonna be on the food truckthere’s a whole lot of other stuff thatI’m not going to share right no it’s outof control so in the comments below letus know what you liked best about yourstruly starting a vegan soul food truckmy nephew were you gonna say I’m sayingif you look over at Malaya Elaine’schillin right she’s chillin she’sobserving and just do it over hereoh I’ve leave in a couple of seconds wemight have to put him in the timeoutchair and that’s like cdq and Ross canrelate to X all right I’ll be quiet sohere we go let’s get these wafflesstarted we don’t get these waffle saucessee how fluffy they arethat’s from the bacon powder can you seethe UH the waffles broyeah I’m looking right at the words okayit’s all good just do you think you cantake them to the bathroom you can makenoise this is this is not see that’swhat I’m saying this is all this is allhow we do itall right so let me go go ahead and putthis in you can see it’s good yes sir Ican so we gonna put these waffles inhere like this we close this down thatturn the other side over and we put thisone in here like this do you wantchocolate chips ooh okay now you justgonna show – hey they all still in theshow y’all I grab chocolate chips wedon’t listen you guys you guys aremissing the whole point here we’re doinga packageyou okay y’all see where I’m saying seeit so right here is we’re doing adelicious fun we turn that back way overwe let that go for about two minutes andthen we’ll have some waffles on that sowe’re gonna put some blueberriesI mean blackberries we go use a littlebit of this apple sugar to kind ofdrizzle on it you see I’m saying sosorry I was asking I was askingeverybody out and in Facebook land whatdo they like best about us yours trulystarting a biggie so food truck so whatare some of the comment well somebodycomes bro just Keanu just left – heyyeah we need it we had Aaron we had airFeliciana we had all some of them wehave yeah we had ruff ruff we have Q whoelse we also have Mulaney ins Kalenjinwelcome welcome to the show they’vetried out there trying to are vegan foodI know Aaron had you tried the veganmacaroni cheese plant-based mac andcheese so as you guys can see here we goStevehey sir you what are you doing wedo a brother will get you – so what doyou wanna do you see the steam coming uppretty soon though we might have to wemight have to UM you know how to do itwhat do you call it when they call thoseannouncements when they call of aspecial announcement when you call PSAno no no no no like an emergency or theygot it they got a cut to commercialthis is yeah we might have to cut tocommercial and take homeboy into theinto don’t ya take homeboy into the roomin thereand give him a one of those uh doors youknow how you get a knuckle sandwich witha wet new oh so not cool guess we’regetting back here so I don’t know whyyou’re doing our lefty turn the cameraover there so are you talking againso once it once it beefy beefy peepwe’d be good to go cause Rick said soguys we appreciate it by you clickingthe link below subscribe to our YouTubechannel letting the world know thatthere is a vegan soul food truck comingreal soonalright here we go I’m trying to go onYouTube I don’t know why it’s notletting me goyeah they smell good don’t think you’renot it ain’t over it ain’t over it ain’toh no – I wish you was here you could behappy to have the pad to music playinghappy music playing are you doing onloop we got a little we got a littleparty part right here with the foodiefood what’s up baby get some food comeon Bobby it ain’t overyes you’re not going to food why are youdoing all that man okay see this is whatyou see this is why this is why we got ahat we got to have like some boundariesyeahyeah you can hear that top was ready thetop ones ready the top ones ready heytop ones ready hey top ones readyhey the top ones ready hey the top onesreadyhey oh yeah[Music]see that yeah Batman look at that youguys see that that’s the first one yeahsome way do you want you want to havesome blueberries on right ready youngones ready the other ones[Music]Gina you really gonna give you sir seesee how we got that you got it rightthere nice it’s not exactly perfect butthat’s how nice a nice and thick mm-hmmdid you imagine can you imagine gettingthese can you imagine get our I know Iknow spangles I don’t I’m gonna keep iton the down low keep it on the down lowso I’m gonna do another one do anotherall right quit Dandan we’ll put a coupleof I’m over here you down in what yeah Ithink I really need itI need to find equipment in here likethatturn it back now you can go ahead andcheck this chocolate chip sir garbagegarbage garbageokay we got this going right here yessiry’all realize that all the garbage yessir what is it garbage we’ll put that ingarbageyou got you need to stay focus on thecamera yo I’m gonna have to get me acameraman – yeah yes – come on garbage Imean put in the garbage I’m gonna addsome I’m gonna have some more stuff todisco we gonna make you gonna make ussome more yes yes sir James you stopeating like that we’re gonna do a classthey’re gonna do a class of how to eatproperly to the office you cuz homeboybe acting like somebody hit him in thethroat when he was asleep triangleeating that’s what I diddidn’t I was talking to him JD I wassaying J Murphy cuz you you was showingin like somebody’s trying to steal itfrom youyup see this yeah I know Sonny but yeahyou go Malia triangle and straighten[Music]a little bit more are you ready where ismy so this is how we do it y’allthis is Babli how we do with this is howwe do itFriday this Friday all right I need toget that banana flower get the bannerflower I need some more banana flower Ineed to get a plate real simple shovelfood bro stop shoving the food you stopshoving food should look at look at looklook see I’m saying about shoving thefood mangood job buddy so if you if you lookover here if you look over here guys wegot put some some blackberries we didsome vegan we did some vegan chocolatechips and we didjada jada be quiet and listen we got thevegan chocolate chips you got theblackberries they put some vegansprinkles on so you can do a little bitmore but these are all plant-based isgreat for the immune system it’s greatfun with the kids if you could keep ifyou could just keep this one right herelike you know I’m saying he’s ready toeat againso that this one just about ready nobeep beep are you goodslow down chin what you doing over therebro you trying to swallow the wholething whole berries what’s up with thefourI’m saying yep yeah oh snap all right tothe crib is no that’s melted to theTiberias not very good okay could youhit the banana leave it where it is soyou people can see what I’m mixing Ineed the banana flower I got dad no noI’m not the banana flower I mean theother thing no no I need the just let metalk and you guys listen I need the Arabback over here please good a questionthe question is you talking while I’mtalking and I know we teach that inschool we teach that at home whensomebody else is talking you’d be quietright that is that a good fork you don’tsing it at the table ma’am still talkinghuh Mac still talking right maxall right so here we go we goin we gonnawind this down in the minute y’all butwe just want it good let you guys seehow simple and easy it is to do Ohsookie sookie now sookie sookie now Ohsookie sookie now where’s my Oh flowerso Oh flower sir excuse meso we go on boom boom boom right sir sirsirwe’re live yeah that’s what you can belive all the way it’s all the way liveyes I dohow you know you sir okay I know we turnthis over we take this one onso my question Jaden is Jaden watchingwhat you get a waffle okay take it takeit put your fork we’re not the veganchicken today[Music]ma’am let’s go sit at the table sir mema’am no singing it a question yeah Iknow that see that’s what happens whenyou eat when you eat these wafflesyou just aw all your home training goesout the window that just you just sawright there all your home training goright out the window because guess whatchurn be talking singing humming thisone over here he tearing up his uh hisbig look look boys bib off y’all seethat right once we got out there that’sabout it all right so we’re gonna wegonna wind it down guys so once againcomment below on a couple of thingscomment below on what do you like bestabout us starting a vegan soul foodtruck right here in the Greater Hartfordarea number two what do you like bestabout this show that we did with hold onbaby with the vegan plant-based waffleswith Ola sir with the blueberries holdon sir time out time out time outso who’s he doing you know time up I’mout I’m out good job and comment sharelike this video let the world know weare changing lives with one recipe at atime with plant-based delicioussoul food so guys with that said I’mGeorge – hi from George’s live cookingshow thanks for coming in q Russ RossAaron who else Delaney ins milleniasthank you guys for coming in watchingshare this video like this video makesure you subscribe to our YouTube theour youtube channel below and we want tothank everybody for for subscribing wehave to be hit a milestonefive new subscribers so fired up youguys are awesome god bless until nexttime I’m Jorge do heart for theGeorgia’s life cooking show we’retalking about here about plant-basedimmune boosting amazing delicious seesee see all gone they are gone they allgone all gone babyy’all heard it from the big smile it wasgood J Jeremiah Jake what you like bestabout to uh the waffles how was thewaffle sir alright guys you guys areawesomewe’re signing off[Music]

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