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Saturday Chicken and waffles | Mukbang cooking show

The music started playing again at 19:45, it was only supposed to play during the waffle cooking. Sorry about that!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys I’m back with another video heyguys welcome back to the channelyes I am back with another video okayalright for those of you that summonlaughs earlier I saw some comments wantto know how did the cake come out okayit’s not my best cake but I think it’snot as big as I thought it would be butthis is the strawberry cake it’s toolate so hopefully I don’t really likestrawberry cake so hopefully they won’tenjoy the cake okay I did my best Ithink I’ll stick to my wall six flavoredpancakes okay alright let’s get startedlet me show you the ingredients for ourhomemade waffles all right I alreadyhave the chicken cleaned and seasonedand ready to be Fred you got to see medo that a lieutenant okay so I have heretwo cups of all-purpose flour and atablespoon of baking powder okay we’regonna go ahead and pour that into ourBowl if you guys can see everything hereI do have some things up there okay thenwe have a tablespoon of sugar put thatin there mix that together real quickokay I have 1/4 teaspoon of salt putthat in there all rightwe set together real good let me movethat up away and my seasonings I usedsome vanilla and a little coconutteaspoon and a half a teaspoon teaspoonof vanilla 1/2 a teaspoon of coconutokay okay now that we have the flourworks salt and sugar mix let’s add our 2eggs 2 large eggs we’ll start adding thewhip ingredients should’ve already hadthese crack but I did not forget I knowthey like to have Morita crack with youall right let’s whisk that togethergetting them making a mess here okaygot that together here and with this youcan make it and put it in the fridge andsave it for later you don’t have to cookit as soon as you make it okay we’regonna add a cup and 3/4 of buttermilkand you should use buttermilk buttermilksubstitute it makes the waffles thewaffles taste taste much better so a cup1 a 3/4 cups of buttermilk all right weare moving right along here and you knowwaffle make should be a nice like thickconsistency shouldn’t be runny okay weare getting thereall right now we’re going to go aheadand add our flavor the vanilla in thecoconut and if you don’t want to usecoconut you can just use vanilla but youdefinitely should use some vanilla okayI just wanted to put a little twist onit all rightand last 1/2 a cup of melted butterunsalted butter okay you know what Iforget my almond a half a teaspoon ofalmond as well sorry about that guysI hand them all out there yes I did puta little ominous we’ll all right so thatis all the ingredients in to our wafflebatter let me get this stirred up nicelyhere and that’s the homemade wafflebatter I’m going to go ahead and fry thechicken up then come back and we willmake our waffles okayI have everything already over hereeverything that I need I’ll be sprayingthe waffle pan with this here butterflavored mix so the waffles won’t sticksee it needs to be see that it’s notrunny but it’s not too thickand here is my waffle maker I’ve onlyused it once they came out really good Ihave the video up if you want to go backand look at it okayI will bring you guys back when we’reready to make the Wumpus I’m going toset this aside and go get fried mychicken wings okay because the waffleswon’t take long at all all right guysbut again here’s the cake withstrawberry cake I made all right so youguys know a little bit all right allright guys so the chicken is on fryingis probably heremy waffle network is the ready buttonand pop tom is named up so I’m going todelete mix it up and this suppose to themagic smoke a little bit so I’m gonnaspray it with this nun sticking buttermix here spray do it so you watch me eatsit up in here to fill up your wafflewaffle-makerand what you guys to see it okay reallyany walk but you don’t want to make ittoo thick eitherokayyou close it up flip it over well I havean old neck flip it over so when it’sready this little button will pop up inthis should be ready[Music][Music]good day an hour where I would[Music][Applause][Music]figure it out together but I bet they’dsay that I can smell it but never comingout[Music][Music]good[Music]I do remember playing Samus they readynow opening up in the wall[Music]exciting[Music]because there was ineffective[Music]all right well the ready light brown but[Music]it[Music]okay[Music][Music][Applause][Music]it’s gotta be good[Music][Music]good on top of these chickens in thedeep fryer so it did itoh good I’m telling you the flavors arein this scene that’s coming out of thiswaffle they said again about this that Iwanted this from a fellayou can make up your waffle dough ormixer and put it up freeze it in thefridge you don’t have to use it rightawayyou could also make the waffles andthree of them and then you just pop themout like you do the ones that you backbut they will be your homemade waffleshow’s that hmm tell you against thatthing thoughall right the lattice top zone gaspshere we goflip flip open and pop right out allright there with your game it is time toeat yes the chicken and waffles are donewhat do y’all think house forpresentation I haven’t put any syrup onthere yet mr. real quick let’s this foodthat we’re about to receive for thenourishment of our bodies amenokay homemade chicken and waffles whoosmells really good I’ve put somestrawberries I’m a little powdered sugaron them you know try to make it lookgood for you guys I’m gonna use some ofmy extensors oh look at that guys lookat that and that our recipe in may 3nice size waffles so you would justdouble it for having many more wafflesyou needed to make depending on how manypeople you’re cooking for okay all righthow y’all doing oh look at this look atwhat your thing let’s get a thumbnailyou know I gotta do one holding up thechicken cooking in the kitchen with thechicken oh this looks goodall right here we go whoo I don’t knocksomething overlet’s taste the waffle guys let’s seewhat it tastes like let’s see what ittastes like everything I like thestrawberries and stuff oh man but I knowit would look better so I put it onthere anyway but I won’t be eating thestrawberry okay yo it’s light it’s not athick you know banner I mean it’s lightand fluffy look at that crunchI gotta eat a piece of chicken with itOh this chicken is good Ohchickens steal my planet where it’sseasoned to perfection what shall I sayyour season the way that I like it sothat’s good know what I might eat apiece will just rub me around it bad atall look at this guy’sthis is just beautiful look at thatokay have chicken falling off the plateI’m gonna eat this chicken mm-hmm what’sfried want you dipping in it sirthis is good guys so I did see one ofthe comments from the lab said you knowI didn’t show okay so I showed you guyswith the beginning what do you think ofitI thought it would be taller you know itonly called for two 3/4 cups of cakeflour I should just use 3 cups of flourlike I normally do for my own cakes it’sgood I’m serious oh my goodness so howwas your Saturday did you go out thendid you make it back in before thecurfew started if you have one I knowthey were saying that Florida thegovernor I need waited a little too longclose the beaches those kids went therea spring break hmm why the parents lethim go who knows honey don’t do it stayat home for a while people hmm stayprayed up but you still gotta do thingsyou knowjust listen listen to him right now okaygood okayyou give me another piece of this wafflethis is good honeyI made my own waffles look at this so Iknow extra guys so have you made wafflesbefore wait you think of my recipe howdo they look to you telling you guysthey really do taste good you couldtaste that vanilla in there love youknow just the hint of that coconut inthat arm another flavor I put in therelook at this[Music]I only made my own[Music]the night[Music]eat[Music]and it’s crunchy toowe’re like[Music][Music]big[Music]you over here[Music]okay another seat now they take it inthe Walkman[Music][Music]now it’s really good[Music]ticking alarm buzzes pretty good I couldimagine a rest of it that’s all they do[Music]okay yeah I know I’m gonna breathe youcoming I really haven’t had a chance togo home either from the other night I’mhere what last night saucy Tom Franklincucumber so let me see what we got goingon here from the start this rice andcucumbers video as soon as you guysabout all right JoeyRobertson exactly I’m so sick of hearingabout this coronavirus everything isshutting down and on how you know toiletpaper on the shelves there’s no handsanitizer on the ship this is crazy Ican’t wait till we all get back tonormalyes it’s coming flagels a family loveHeyhe’d know he’s Michael Allen review wasso funny I will eat with you any day youmake everything looks gonna jump out ofmy sleep to kiss this posthe ain’t be laughing so hard even oncethey say didn’t eat them Michael in themid Sunday was hurting I wonder what anygray hey dudehe had me won’t be handy guaranteedanyone that actually get ever gonna makeanother cake just like I have me a pieceof my own cake I’m seriousany great heip in the field you makeeverything look so good I just enjoywatching your videos thank you keepkeeping Cummings’s stay safe and beblessed by the way I think eat with Kimstarted the sausage she sure didshe sure did son since rice andcucumbers was soft beloved like him heron her channel and they wereeating it okay I do give I remember thatname when I first did it it was eat withKim and it’s goodgranny Lee hey I feel this when I seethat lovely smile I’m just kidding thatlovely smile I instantly know that youyou’re doing well as always everythinglooks delicious I love your cake reviewvideo from your friend I know he reallyenjoyed it for real yes I must say yourthumbnails are perfection thank you takecare now I’ll see you on the next videothank you I’m glad you like yeah I’mdoing my own nails guys so that my workbase sugar 100 good morning Philly Philhow you doing it how are you doing in mywindow Williams was that food looks sogoodthe cake your friend said that prayer Iknow it had me cracking up I watched thevideo yesterday okay that chicken noodlelooked amazing I didn’t get a chance tocome in but trust me I’m watchingcontinued blessings to you and yourchannel thank youyes Ida he said he please let that cakebe good cause he didn’t want to have toembarrass me on national social mediatoe today Francis oh I could not see allthe delicious food but what I saw itlooks good still hanging in with yougirlall right Philly Phil have a greatweekend god bless you that’s from Tianapointer she radiant say he was on theline today too hey Theo this meal isdelicious you make everything look soinviting and flavorful flavour flavorfulwhy can’t I say that flavor flavorflavor full yeah I’m having a momentlove all your cooking shows and you keepcooking in the kitchen girl have a greatweekendgod I got stuck on flavor Oh bebeBurgess hey Philly fear Debbie fromConnecticut just stopping by to show yousome love what you are making to showyou some love what you are making a lotof youtubers hand on their videos yours looksgood love watching you cook cook it andyou set it up so nice thanks for sendingme the thumbs up and the heart thatmeans you get my message that I supportyouI believe you told me keep watching youwill keep cooking you already know youare a queen I will always support youthank you thank you thank you alrighthey I’m keep cooking in the kitchenKatrina Thomas – if the I adored yourvideo your channel is very relaxing andthe food looks great as always I lovethe meatloaf video you did and theGreens looking forward to more contentthat was good – I hope y’all liked thethe chicken and waffles Oh guys I don’tmess over it but it was good mmm hmmit’s really goodyou guys need to try it let me see thatmessed up the comments let me read oneor two more who we get AJ oh hi Michellefilly you know I enjoy seeing you cook Ihave a little throat concern etc rice isgood with the sauces and what and whatare you laugh out loud I’m not feelingtoo good but I’m not telling anyoneplease pray remember remember me keepcooking okay well I hope you feel betterlet somebody know what now if you needto let somebody know how you doing missTia ewp PG eat with Billy field gang itwith Billy feel the sausage Isaac youcomes with delicious the sauce lookschunky and delicious it was good too andI had it extra spicy just for me I suredidokay Lynn Williams wow that looks goodthank you thank you thank you it wasgood guys thank you guys for leavingcomments you know I appreciate itlike I say this waffle and chicken wasgood very good it so good I may eat onemore bitemm-hm[Music]it was good up mmm let me know if yougot is gonna try do you have a wafflemaker if you don’t get you one they’renot explicit Mason’s always have goodsalesall right guys is this your first timestopping by my channel it could be allright well you know what we need you todo me and the whole Philly fair game weneed you to press that red subscribebutton after you like the videos drop acomment now turn on your postnotifications okay that means you gottapress the subscribe button again andring that Bell it should be at the topof the button turn them on you don’twant to miss your hey we got chicken andwaffles tonight you never know whatyou’re gonna be cooking in the kitchenall right come on in have fun with usokay as I always say guys you never knowwhere your girl’s gonna be these daysshe’s gonna be sitting at home becausewe all we hate we need to stay in thehouse for a little while I guess but younever know where I’m gonna be what I’mgonna be cooking who I’m gonna have onthe show once this coronavirus thing isover we can get some gifts back on theshow you know what I mean but until thenyou know what you can tell everybodytell them I’m always welcomingPhilippines kitchen y’all come on overwe have a good time over there we havefun all right good night everybodyhopefully this won’t get posted too latewe’ll see oh I am stuffed but thank youguys to join in my life earlier thankyou for watching the show see y’alllater[Music]

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