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PERFECT Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

PERFECT Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
Easy ! Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe !
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Classic, simple chocolate chip cookie recipe that you will enjoy !
These cookies are rich if flavor, use real butter and are full of chocolate chips.

✅Here is an UPDATED and CORRECTED version of this exact video recipe: – it includes corrections and Metric weights. ✅✅✅

*** RECIPE NOTE **** – At the beginning of the video I said 1 teaspoon of baking powder, this is wrong.
The correct ingredient and amount is : It is 1 teaspoon of baking SODA.

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Video Transcription

hi there today we’re gonna makechocolate chip cookies this is a reallyeasy recipe here are all the ingredientsand this is what we need we need 1 cupof softened butter 2 eggs you’re goingto need 2 cups of chocolate chips 1/2 ateaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon of bakingpowder and 2 teaspoons of vanilla you’realso going to need 1 cup of brown sugar1/2 a cup of regular sugar and also 2cups of all-purpose flour we’re going toturn all this into beautiful chocolatechip cookies so let’s get started okaywe’re back what we’re gonna do is we’regoing to take our softened butter thenpop it in there we’re also gonna throwin the white sugar and the brown sugarand the first thing that we want to dois we want to get this cream we want tocream this upnow what we’re going to do is we’regoing to break two eggs and we’re gonnaadd that in with the vanilla what Ialways like to do is break the egg oneat a time into a bowl so there’s thefirst egg just so that you make surethat we don’t get any shells if you’redoing an omelet and you’ve got 80 or teneggs and you get a shell in there it’s alittle harder to get out there we gothere’s the second egg and we’ll throwin the vanilla and we’ll get that goingagainthat looks good okay now what we’regonna do is take another bowl and takeyour two cups of flour and take yoursalt and your baking soda and put thatin there then you can just give it alittle stir the spoon and then whatwe’re going to do is we’re going toslowly incorporate this into the batterno laughing a little bitI’ll add another bitbut this point the batter is done nowthe only thing we have left to do is toadd in the chocolate chips so I’m justgonna pour them all in and hopefully mylittle mixer will be strong enough yourmixer at this point if your mixer is notstrong enough you can just simply get aspatula and fold this stuff in at thispoint that’s it for the dough so I’mgonna clean up my work area and I’llcome back and we’ll bake some cookiesall right I’m back and what we’re gonnado now is we’re going to just grab someof the dough make any size you wantI usually go something like that a goodtablespoon just take your other spoonand just push it offyou can make them small bake differentsizes if you want but if you’re gonna doit different sizes you’re better off tobake them on a different sheet becauseif you make a larger cookie it’s gonnahave a different baking time so ifyou’ve got small ones and large ones onthe same pan the smaller ones are gonnayou know they’re gonna do faster thanthe other ones so I’ll continue doingthis and I’ll be back okay I’ve finishedoff the tray I didn’t move a couple ofthem around I thought they were a littleclose together what we’re gonna do iswe’re gonna bake them at 375 for about10 minutes and depending on your ovenjust keep an eye on them they might bedone in 11 minutes they could be done innine minutes but we’ll see how they goso 375 degrees Fahrenheitall those look good so let’s get theseonto a cooling rack and we’ll be back ohthese look good when they smell reallygood tooyou

14 Replies to “PERFECT Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

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  2. I love waffles, l will try waffles and chicken combined. My husband fell in love with your idea of old school Bologna sandwiches, for TWO days. Enjoy you, have a blessed day.

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  5. Good morning Phylly Phyll, I’m sorry that was me trying to still that peace o chicken, but I dropped it. My bad LOL. Your chicken and waffles look delicious. Thosr waffles look nice and fluffy. Girl you are doing your thang in that kitchen. I’m really loving your channel. Stay safe and be blessed my friend.

  6. Good morning Phlly Phyl everything looks good as usual. Enjoy watching you cook, you make it look effortless. Peace , blessings and good eats.

  7. Hey Phylly Phyl food looks great as usual. If that is a non stick waffle iron don’t use the spray and the waffles will be browner and more crispy.


  9. Hey Phylly, it looks good, but I can’t get the hang of the textures of waffles and chicken and I don’t like the taste of waffles and hot sauce that I have to have with my chicken. Love you girl continue to do your thing you do it very well!

  10. Hi Phylly Phyl…that is a perfect brunch meal…thanks for sharing the recipe with us…I am going to try that syrup, as well.‍♀️

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