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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music]hey this is Tyrus big paper right therethis is Tyra and I’m cooking some dinnerI’m cooking some dead I’m some dead Annaand today I am making some chicken andwaffles before I get into it please likethis video comment down below somewherevideos that you want to see subscribe tomy youtube channel hit that postnotifications every single time that Ipost also go over to my mom’s YouTubechannel her channel is yyy nice staytuned for so many more videos to comeand support everything that we do whichis I’m gonna switch from box below nowlet’s go ahead and get into bed so firststep I’m going to make the batter for mywaffles I have my chicken marinating inhot sauce mustard some salt pepperseasoning salt and lemon pepper that’sit because I am going to season theflour mixture but that is in therefrigerator right now marinating sofirst I need to add one cup while twocups of flour here’s one and here’s mysecond cup tablespoon of baking powder1/2 teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoons ofsugar I’m going to separate two eggs okcrack that one not too good go myseparate new the whites are going to goin this bowl and the yolks are going togo in this red hole right hereone more aI forgot to mention that these are allmy dry ingredients so I’m gonna do I’mjust gonna kind of mix these together soChelsea out three bowls separating eachone of my ingredients the dryingredients are here and I have two wetingredients there we go for this eggmake sure I’m going to add one and twothirds cup of milk into here here is 1/3cup of butter melted butter I’m going tomix this all upokay so now I’m going to beat these eggwhites until they are in stiff peaksor medium medium speed[Music][Applause]now I’m going to mix my wet ingredientsinto the dry[Music][Music][Music]now I am lightly carefully gentlyfolding in while folding the egg rightrights into this[Music]all right young so I’m gonna be basingreading my chicken kind of old schoolOh Oh school I got some plastic bagshere y’all and I’m going to add my flourI’m going to season my farm apartment inthe plastic bags y’all just so I knowthat all my seasonings are mixed andproperly we have 12 pieces of chickeny’all I’m gonna season this I’m not itseason it too much because like I toldy’all I did already season my chickenand it is marinating oh you know seethat’s getting in the bag that was justseasoning salt that I added y’all y’allwe use women pepper like we use likelike we use little pepper as our saltbut we use it just like you put salt andpepper everything we put lemon pepperand everything y’all say what seasoningsalt those are our four main seasoningsthat we use I’m going to add just a tadbit of garlic powder oohokay and some cayenne pepper the chickenis already seasoning seasoned with hotsauce so I’m just adding a good a littlebit cayenne pepper y’all I am NOT I donot add too much cayenne pepper anymorecuz y’all remember what happened y’allsaw Food Network Star kids y’all knowthat’s why I got to sit homea little bit more seasoning because itwas a lot of flour in there bless methank you[Music]all right here’s one back to my friedchicken I’m gonna get started with mywaffles I’m probably not gonna be ableto show y’all because I’m trying tocharge my phone right now y’all okay sothe chicken is done everything is friedalright y’all so here are my waffles I’mgonna plate everything then I’ll beright backy’all so that’s dinner everything isprepared everything is ready to be eatenand devoured y’all know I’m upping iscoming after this don’t forget to likethis video comment down below some morevideos that you want to see subscribe tomy youtube channel also go over to mymom’s to-do channel her channel name iswhy why why not stay tuned for so manymore videos to come please continue tosupport everything that we do which isdown in the description box below andplease mark your calendars for May 5thfor Midland’s give and don’t forget thisis where my southern flair comes lifeand we can all push through because weare all powerful unique successfulheroes that have risen on

56 Replies to “Cooking Homemade Chicken and Waffles

  1. Hi. Tyra, I PRAY that ALL STAYS WELL. This is one of my favorite meals, LOOKS SCRUMPTIOUS! I L❤VE YOU, TO LIFE, GRACE &✌

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