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GoStoners Quarantine Kitchen: How to make Bacon, Egg & Cheese Stuffed Waffles

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Video Transcription

welcome back to the quarantine kitchenfolks I got this dope ass recipe forsome bacon egg and cheese stuffedwaffles right after thisnow welcome back everybody I know I justsaid bacon egg and cheese stuff waffleand that some of you were probably likedude again what the are you talkingabout but trust me when I tell you thisI’m about to blow your minds solet’s get outduring your quarantine time first thingyou’re going to need is your bomb ofcourse[Music]next you’re gonna need some eggs somegood old-fashioned bacon bitches yourfavorite ass waffle mix and some goodass Mexican cheese so this is reallyeasy first thing you’re going to want todo is Pam you’ll now you’re goingto take that wonderful batter and as yousee here we’re going to evenlydistribute to all our wafflethen you’re gonna take your scram beeight and you’re gonna place them righton top of your mixture like so get thatbacon on there Oh baconnow slam that bitch down and let theheaven begin and now wide that bakes sodo it[Music]and of course that timedee-licious Oh daddy this is what I’mtalking about are you ready I don’tthink you’re ready for this bacon eggand cheese stuff waffles oh so forthose who don’t know and that arewatching this right now it is a Saturdaymorning and we’re doing this and I’mmaking thisthe 22nd is her birthday so happybirthday to that beautiful girl[Music]so because I’m a gluttonous asshole I dothis yeah sweet and savory oh if you’renasty because I am now let’s go in onthis[Music]cheese stuff waffles just one usually atthis point I would say this is missingan ingredient I am isn’t mm-hmmstop what you’re doing I know you havethese essentials you quarantine yourasses in right now go to thepantry get this makewe’re gonna give exam let’s see whathazy things well guys we learnedsomething new today didn’t webacon egg and cheese stuff waffles isthe please commentamazing holy guys I’m gonna get out ofhere thank you so much for watchingthen stay beautiful keep doing whatyou’re doing for the community and mostimportantly stay live[Music]

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