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Cooking Class for Kids: How to Make Pancakes

My kids and I made a video to show other kids how to make pancakes. It is unedited to keep it real 🙂 I show how to measure dry and wet ingredients as well as how to mix and cook the batter. From my family to yours, happy cooking (from a socially responsible distance)!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi today I’m going to teach you how tomake pancakes from scratch it’s a greatthing to make because you most likelyhave these things in your kitchenalready and it’s a great way to savemoney by making it from scratch insteadof buying a mix so go ahead and pausethe video and get these things out thefirst thing we’re gonna do is measureour dry ingredient so we’re going tostart with a cup of flour before youtouch the ingredient make sure you washyour hands and then don’t touch yourface or your brothereven if he started it so first we’regonna put one cup of flour so theimportant thing is when you’re measuringflour is to either get a spoon or ascoop like this one and pour it into thecup make sure you do it over the bag soyou don’t make a huge mess and theneither using a knife or the cited scoopyou’re gonna level it one time and thenyou’re gonna dump in it there’s theflour the next thing we’re gonna do isput in some sugar we’re gonna put in 1/2tablespoons of sugaranytime there’s a capital T like thatrecipe that means that it takestablespoon the big one not a teaspoonthe little one this one is is okay ifyou don’t sweep in level because thesugar doesn’t compact quite as much asthe flour does but you can still scoopin level just in case and we’re gonna goon to two teaspoons of baking powdermake sure that you have baking powdernot baking soda because they aredifferent days so that a lot of bakingpowders already have a level that youcan can level it off so we’ve got oneteaspoon and two teaspoonsthe last dry ingredient we have is aquarter teaspoon of salt make sure youare not measuring over the wool becauseif you pour it too much in which arevery difficult to kick it out so I’mgoing to measure over the sink a littlebit goes in there it’s okay level itagain and then we’re gonna pour it inso we whisk our dry and then we put ourwet ingredients in a different type ofmeasuring this kind is for wetingredients because you can pour all theway up to the line if I are trying tofill this one up to the line it mightoverflow would be very difficult to movefilling it so we’re gonna use the wet orliquid measuring cup so there’s 1 cup ofmilk and then the next ingredient is 2tablespoons of oil and then we’re goingto put the egg in that one there’s 1 & 2tablespoons of oil and then we’re gonnamix the egg in two ingredients nowthere’s different people have differentways of cracking the egg and when I wasin culinary school they’d always tell usto crack it on a flat surface becauseyou’re a lot less likely to have littlepieces of egg end up in here in yourfood I have heard other people say tocrack it on the edge so whatever yourmom tells you to doyou open it up like that let the eggdrop in try to clean up your mess thatgoes straight into the trash[Music]and then you mix up the wet ingredientsand then we’re going to pour it into thedry ingredients you want to mix it justuntil it’s combined there’s still overmix it see what that looks like in therethe consistency of itno I okay now we’re going to cook thepancakes so if you have a nonstick panyou don’t need to put anything in it nobutter no oil you can pour it right intoithave a older sibling or a parent healthywith this part alternately you can pourthe batter into a squeeze bottle andyounger kids could even squeeze thebatter in right now we’re just going topour it so I’m just going to do onepancake at a time so that you don’t runinto each other so what you’re lookingfor is you’re gonna have low to mediumtemperature and you’re gonna wait forlittle bubbles to appear in the pancakeif you flip it too early you’re gonnahave a big mess if you wait too long ithas a chance of burning so we’re justgonna watch it and let it wait for alittle while as you can see some of thebig bubbles are coming to the surfacenow so we’re gonna take a peek thisfirst one is always the hardest onewe’re gonna see what it looks like onthe other side looks good flip it onover and then let it let it cook foranother 10 or 20 seconds and we’ll takeit up and you’re all done

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