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School of Chocolate Season 01 Episode 08 Descriprion

The Best in Class Is…
The top two go head-to-head to build the biggest chocolate showpiece yet. The final assignment? Deliver A+ work on a prehistoric theme.


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School of Chocolate Show Summary

The show follows the journey of eight pastry chefs from all over the world. Over eight episodes, the chefs are challenged both individually and as teams to create intricate and delicious pastries and giant showpieces made entirely from chocolate.

Who hosts the show?

Instagram-famous French pastry chef Amaury Guichon hosts the show. He is part judge, part teacher, part charming host who teaches and critics each of the creations of the contestants.

What does each episode consist of?

There’s so much to unpack in each episode. First, we have the solo challenges, which confronts the chefs with a technical challenge. In the first episode, each of the pastry chefs were asked to make an illusion pastry using a mold they handcraft themselves. Amaury showed us his example of this—an oversized yellow school pencil. It looked quite shiny and real, until he asked a contestant to take a bite out of it. Turns out, the whole thing was edible.

The second half of the episode is a team challenge where contestants are asked to make a show piece—basically a giant sculpture made entirely from chocolate.

For all of the challenges, there is a skill the pastry chefs must use and incorporate into whatever they are making, from making their own molds to chocolate shaping giant structures. After each challenge, Amaury selects who he thinks came up with the best creations based on flavor, technique, and risks taken.

What does the best chef win?

Amaury, on top of being a viral chocolatier sensation, also owns a pastry school in Las Vegas. The winner of School of Chocolate will be invited to teach a masterclass there. Oh yeah, and they win $50,000, enough to start their own business.

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