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How to Make a No-Bake Pumpkin Pie

For CMC 201 Public speaking

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Video Transcription

is there ever been a time where you havebeen so overwhelmed with everything thatyou’re doing that you forgot to make adessert for a special occasion I havebeen in a situation like that before soI have made there’s no big pumpkin piemultiple times today I always tell youabout what ingredients you will needalternatives to those ingredients incase you can’t find them or don’t havethem and how to make this dessert sothat you can take what you learn andmake this pie on your own first you’llneed a graham cracker crust you can alsouse a vanilla wafer crust or you can usea homemade graham cracker crust but tobuy the graham cracker crust from thestore is the quickest and easiest waythen you will need a 15 ounce can ofpumpkin one teaspoon of pumpkin spiceand one package of cheesecake puddingthe cheesecake pudding can also bevanilla or any other kind of pudding aslong as it’s not sugar free because itdoesn’t mix with the pumpkin very wellso before you begin you will want tomake sure that your area is wiped downand you have washed your hands so youdon’t contaminate it then you will wantto mix the pumpkin so you’re just gonnatake a spoon and put it into a bowl I’msure to get all the pumpkin out of thecanthen you’ll want to use one teaspoon ofpumpkin spice you can just take the topup and dump it over a separate bowl sothat it doesn’t get all over yourcounter and then measure it off withyour finger or knife whichever youpreferI’ve already measured it out so I’m justgonna dump it in and then you will wantto put in one package of the cheesecakepudding then you can mix it all togetherwith a whisk or spoon I’m gonna use thisone because I’ve already got it I’m justgonna mix it all together to make surethat it is all mixed together evenlybefore you put the fold up in[Applause]so once it’s all mixed together you willput coal within the clip can be armedstore-brand or regular Colaas long as it’s whip topping it doesn’tmatter I usually use a spatula to putthis in because it’s the easiest way toget it all out of the tub and then tomix it too because the spatula gets allthe edges together so when you fold inthe whipped topping you’ll just simplyput but you don’t have to stir it youjust kind of like move it through justkind of like folding it like you wouldlike a piece of paper it doesn’t seemlike it’s mixing together you can stirit a little bit and it’ll take just afew seconds or like a minute or two toget it all together well[Music]so it seems to me mixed together prettywell so then once it’s like this colorum you can just place it into your piecrust just take it just dump it right inthereyou don’t have to put all of the pumpkinin there because it will make extra soif you have extras you can get likelittle tarts that you can also get atthe store where the pie crusts are andyou can make little little tiny pocketsas well so then that is how you make ano-bake pumpkin pie and then usually youwill want to put the lid on it and letit sit in the fridge but you only haveto let it sit in the fridge for as longas it takes for you to eat dinner so ahalf hour maybe an hour and then you cantake it out you can enjoy it so now thatyou know how to make this no-bakepumpkin pie you can make one on your ownwhenever you need a quick and easydessert to make

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