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Keira’s Kitchen: Apple Pie like your Grandmother used to bake


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Video Transcription

hello from Terris kitchen I am here witha whole bunch of apples and I I’m gonnamake myself some apple pie I figuredthat I might as well do this onlinesome companies it’s always extra fun andso I’m here cuz idea there’s nothing aswonderful as pie it’s so warm anddelicious thankfully and I figuredeveryone is baking these days and Iwould think myself apply to makes methink of grammamakes me think of mom and you know it’sa little bit more work than apple saucebut it sure is delicious so here I amwith a bunch of apples and I am wearingthis old fashioned tea because hey whynotand I’m going to get peeling because youhave to feel these things we can peelsome apples together I can’t really lookat you or I might cut my finger off formaking apple pie there are all sorts oftapes and with apples to use and there’speople that have different opinionsabout them and well that’s not reallygreat I am using the apples that Ihappened to have in my house because itseems better to not just keep going tothe grocery store though these days it’sa little bit treacherous there and theydon’t really want us going out and aboutso I figured I would use these lovelyapples but I have some of them are alittle bit past their prime and that’sthe perfect thing to do with apples thatare past the prime is turn them into asauce pie pie is just so delicious atiny bit of ice cream left in my fridgelike he’s with methis is not looking very good thisparticular Apple but okay okay think themost annoying part about this Applething is you have to feel these thingsso here I am peeling these my kitchen iscleaning the design video there’s avideo by the way here is kind of adisaster I need to put it up here’s upout of the waymuch better you know I’m gonna wash itoff latermy hair my hands my everything[Music]so I am also wearing this robe becausethe idea is to get started doing allthis with you guys and then I’m going toscoot on over and because of this andwear nothing because I don’t know I justseems very nice and I’m a grandmother Iwould feel about that but that’s okayyes and keep on turning these apples doyou does anyone actually like these redapples I don’t like where that was verymuch okay so let’s get this guy going onwhen you’re on over watch me and mygranny love or passion or depending onhow youlook at it cut these apples and I thinkI’m going to put these peels these skinsoutside there’s a groundhog and I reallylike the groundhog I like to feed themthings like apples and whatnot and Inever really seen him so yeah you knowmrs. sleep I get to see Bruce thegroundhog so got some applesyeah check them out yeah there’s someapples I’m going to keep working on itlet’s just get some things really Ithink that would be a good thing to doso we’re going to go over here and getsome things in pantry let’s consultoracle i’m cookbook for them for the piecrust but not for the feeling so I meanoh I need even more apples than Irealizedgo full-on pantry sugar cinnamon vanillasugar I’m saying we have the butter sohe’s very much stuff actually I’m kindof amazed okay clearly I don’t make outapply very much let’s get some vanillaextract nobody really wants to see apantry come on over here let’s let’speel a few more of these it turns out[Music][Music][Music][Music]there let’s check and see how small itwould like my Apple bits to be scored inthese likes okay you can do that let’sdo this a few of these all right so Ihave a lot more Appling action to do butI am going to do that over on my cookingshow bit that I do for my patron so ifyou would like to be me make this wholerecipe yeah you know where to go checkthe links below I’m going to get cookingbecause actually I’m gonna have to cooka lot of these first before I doeveryone’s so a lot of these anyway I amyou keep on doing this and y’all have agreat day and thanks for hanging on mykitchensee you later

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