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Let’s bake a pumpkin pie!

Music: Dear Autumn
Musician: @iksonofficial

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Video Transcription

eat your way in for some cheesy bakingcontest hi everyone I’m Julie frompeople paint in New York City and I’mAlice from and what are we doing todayso what do we do firstso this pumpkin pumpkin stuff this isthis is actually pumpkin pie mix so ithas pumpkin and spices already in itsuch as pumpkin and oh there’s alsosugar pumpkin sugar and spices so we’regonna open this up[Music][Music][Music]next what’s next um milk or eggs milkyes Oh No okay looks like a visitor okayhere we goyou reported yesevaporated milk so one can of everysmells Cap’nwonderful okay all right surewell actually oh you know what we notlaugh always stir with I do not wantyour pumpkin pie to get angry why thissoda because it’s not mixed yet okaywe’re gonna crack two eggs the eggs butI want everyone to see repellency I am arecord makes craft craft both eggs andthen we need to beat them know what it’sbeating all right you ready let’s seewhat’s up okay there’s still a chunk inyour eyes okay so we’re gonna mix thisup and then we’re going to adda second five eggs the eggs yeah okay nowe have one graham cracker shell whichwe are going to sue oh yeah now we pourit into the crowd okay oh oh no justkeep keep in mind this is too muchfilling for this size for us so we’regonna do it too bad there that’s goodright that’s goodokay and then we’re gonna put the restin Russellville bowl and we’re gonnabake it separately okay so this is gonnago into an oven that is set to 425 for15 minutes and then we’ll show you whenit comes out okay we’re back quite asattractive as a cherry or an apple Ithink of it as rapid tasty I meanwhipped cream you need cream okay sowe’re gonna cut into it it’s still warmactually it’s actually it’s actuallyreally hot we didn’t let it cool solet’s see how this goes okay readythe first slice is never the easiest butsuper tasty when it’s ugly it’s tastyokay I’m gonna go topalways alright alright

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