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Video Transcription

okay hello everybodyon this episode cooking with baking okaytoday we will be making chocolate chipcookie it’s not just an ordinary videoof making chocolate chip cookiesit’s a little bit special we’re gonna benot solely instructions all recipe soI’m just gonna do whatever I want and wecan do whatever we want in this videobecause it’s quarantine and what I’llbardso we can all do what we want because wedon’t have to full instructions all thetime but anyway let me make you my ownchocolate chip cookies without followingany instruction because I’m a rebelfirst thing obviously it’s some eggs Ithink obviously I think we need to it Idon’t know if we need two eggs I don’tknow if doing so I don’t remember oh mygod I’m literally doing under that I’mgonna put one egg thank God next sugar Ithink I don’t know so I’m gonna beadding my brown sugar I already cut it Idon’t know I’m gonna be adding a fewspoons it depends if I want I’m gonna beadding maybe three spoons guys it mayseem that a lot of sugar but actuallynot you know cuz I getting it to sugarI’m gonna add it in a plastic bag asmuch as I want we just probably verylittle okay justthat looks fine we don’t need so muchsugar because I’m the sugar here nobodydoes this pretty notes it in my butterway I don’t know how many I don’t knowhow much of that I put it so I just putbetter I think it just too much of itthat’s me and then we make anyway nextwe’re gonna be adding our vanilla blackanyway I’m gonna be adding that’s a lotof vanillait’s too much of vanilla we don’t needso much vanilla I think it’s fine youknowmy hair needs to be fixed but I honestlyI think it’s gonna so I don’t fix itanymoreanyway next we’re going to be addingsomething on anyway next we’re gonna beadding our dry ingredients which isbaking soda baking powder baking yeahthey keep a little bit between sodabaking powder I think uh because that’sall I left in my fridge so just took outover is my fridge those baking sodabaking powder I’m gonna be adding bothbecause why not right next anyway umyeah so let’s just get over with it youknow I’m gonna be adding a little bit Ithink I’ll be using a spoon baking sodaa little bitso professional little bit of bakingsoda because I’m scared like I’m we arebusy yet and the flowers will be usingall-purpose flour okayremove the plane so it’s just Cityall-purpose flour okayI don’t not gonna look at the moon cleanbecause I’m scared of plane no it’s allpurpose anyway I’m gonna be adding a fewspoons like a lot of spoons I think weneed most is flour right obviously so ohmy god okay one spoon[Music][Music]I think it’s too much of Flowery becauseI don’t know it it looks like tomatoflower but I’m keep adding it now we’llbe adding our chocolate chips which Idon’t havebut we’ll be substituting it with myright basically we’re gonna be chocolateand I need somewhere to cut it finallydone after like 100,000 years oh my godthat’s a lot it looks so good I don’tknow it’s gonna be so sweet but I justcouldn’t care less I just fold it inamazingokay that is such a bad look of achocolate chip cookie but that’sactually really fine you know achocolate chip cookie doesn’t have tolook like a chocolate chip cookie but itcan taste like a chocolate chip cookieand that’s all that’s important oneeternity later I just decided to coverit with a plate I just decided to coverit with a plate instead because my slingwrap Hey and yeah I’ve destroyed thetooling laps andanyway I will be putting this in thefridge because I know that you have toput it in the fridge for like I don’tknow what game I think I did yeah a dayI am hoping for your cookies to turn onice because I will be back 24 hourslater what’s up everybody it’s been oneday and I’ve put the dough in the fridgefor one whole day which I’ve never donein my life okay so I’m gonna just spit areason like few reasons why you putdough in the fridge one we want badtexture we want it to be chewy and morecomplex and more flavor so that’s itokay it’s time for the main part of thiswhole video remember this okay[Music][Music]meanwhile we’re gonna be preheating theoven to about 150 degrees while we waitfor this to cool down a little bit andset it up on the chair you know put itas hundred fifty eight 150 155 look atthat 100 when you convert the area 52is hair exactly so hot and it feels likewell I am preheating the oven I’m goingto be the masterpiece of two days intothe ovenwhat are you an idiot sandwichthese are the cookies we’re gonna let itsit for about five minutesboy I’ll tryanytime you want suppose chocolate chipI give your own 500 time it’s enoughwe’ll be asking our my my sister to trythe cookies damn I mean so you can trythis one first am I supposed to givehonest opinions I really like it sochewyI would give a $700okay what do you know that bad so yeahthat’s it looks like you stole seven allright thenno that’s all for this video I hope youguys enjoyed it as much as I did thesecookies actually turned out better thanI expected it to beanyway first I am new to eat you andthis is my first video so don’t forgetto subscribe and like follow myInstagram thank you so much Oh

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