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Impossible Pie – The Hillbilly Kitchen

Impossible Pie – Crazy Crust-less Amish Pie – Super Easy. This is the easiest pie I have ever made. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. The hardest part is waiting for it to cool so you can eat it.

It actually forms its own crust as it cools. You can use any flour to thicken the pie, so it is very easy to make a gluten free variety. Because it doesn’t have a traditional piecrust, it is much better for diabetics and dieters with calorie, fat and carbohydrate restrictions.

This is truly a pie you can enjoy without feeling guilty about eating. It is an absolutely delicious pie with several variation possibilities.

Remember to put God first! 🙂

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4 large eggs
1 cup granulated white sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup all-purpose or gluten free flour
2 cups whole milk
6 tablespoons melted butter – room temp
2 tsp. pure vanilla extract or 1 tsp. vanilla and 1 tsp. coconut extract
1 cup shredded coconut
Butter to coat baking dish

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Video Transcription

howdy folks and welcome to the hillbillykitchen today we’re making an impossiblepie this pie is my new best friendyou literally do not need a pie crustfor this it makes its own crust all youhave to do for the crust is just take alittle bit of cold butter and wipe it inthe bottom of your pan and grease itgoodand that’s only crust it has now what Ilike about this pie other than the factthat it is incredibly easy is that youcan do different variations of it and ifyou are trying to lose weight or youhave a diabetic in the house or someonewith celiacs who is gluten free thisrecipe is perfect for all those peopleit only has a half a cup of flour in itand you can use any flour for that so ifyou need it gluten-free you can doalmond flour rice flour potato flourwhatever kind of gluten-free flour thatyou prefer and there’s the crust that’sall you do we have a few otheringredients in this pie but like I saidit’s so easy you want to go ahead andturn your oven on 350 degrees andpreheat it because you’re gonna have apie ready way before your oven getspreheated you need 2 cups of milk andyou can use any milk in this recipewhole milk is probably best you coulduse evaporated milk even use powderedmilk if you had it and you wanted to useit up I’m putting a cup of coconut inmine and any flaked coconut will workthis is actually unsweetened you can usesweetened whatever you got or if you’renot a coconut fan leave this out and youwill have a vanilla custard pie if youwant some other flavor you could putthat in this would be really good withcons in it or something it just anythingwe’re going to probably do somevariations on this- I have six tablespoons of meltedbutter here if you’re on a serious dietyou can cut this butter down to 1/4 of acup if you want it a little bit richeryou can go all the way up to a half acup our 1/2 cup of flour any flour willwork a cup of sugar and I have a quarterteaspoon of baking powder and 1/4teaspoon of salt now if you’re usingself-rising flour if that’s all you gotyou won’t be the baking powder andyou’ll just want a tiny bit of salt butthis pie has four eggs in itso you are gonna want a little salt init and I have 2 teaspoons of vanillaextract now you can use any extract inthis like because I’m doing coconut Ican do a teaspoon of vanilla and ateaspoon of coconut I don’t have coconutso I just have my two teaspoons ofvanilla and like I said if you’re not afan of the coconut leave the coconut outand you’ll have the vanilla custard thevariations we’re gonna do some and whenI put this recipe the next cookbook Iwill definitely have some variations forthis pie in the cookbook you can mixthis by hand you can mix it in yourmixer with a in a stand mixer with aregular mixer the blender tends to workbest for this because it whips it upreally fast and there’s no sloppingbecause once you put it in there you putthe lid on it and just blend it up sowe’re just gonna put all the ingredientsin there except for the coconut we’regonna leave it for last you do want tolet your butter a cool down after youmelt it so that it’s not hoteggs in dump the sugar in go ahead andthat’s the flour in and this just prettymuch I feel your blender pepper for atleast it does mine baking powder in thesalt and go ahead and dump the vanillain I said we got everything in thereexcept for our coconut if you were doingfor cons you would want to leave thoseof courseyou want to mix it until you don’t seeany more flour and it does work best ifyou save your flour to last and you putit on top I don’t know why if you putthe flour in there’s your layeringingredients it tends to stick to thesides of the blender and now just dumpin your coconut if you want the coconutand hit it again just for a coupleseconds and that is all there is to mixand that’s pie now as this bakes itsgonna make a crust on the bottom thatwill release when your pan and it’lllook like a really thin crust on the piethis recipe has Amish origins prettymuch anywhere you research it it saysthat it’s an Amish recipe and I suspectit was probably one of those accidentrecipes we’ve talked about some accidentingredients before but I think somebodyprobably had some leftover custard piefilling and they didn’t have enoughcrust you know they just made too muchand then over fill their crust and theybaked what they had leftover and itformed a crust all by itself so that ismost likely where this came fromlike I said it was probably an accidentrecipe but all you do now is you’regonna put this in the oven for anywherefrom 50 minutes to an hour maybe alittle bit longer it’ll get all nice andgolden brown on the topand if you don’t want it really brown onthe topyou can tint it we’ve done a full 10before but I’m just letting mind getreally brown on top if you wanted to doit you know maybe for a fancy dessertwith dinner you might not want it quiteas brown and you can tint this you justpull the foil up and put it over at thetop of it you can serve this withwhipped cream you can serve it with icecream you can serve it with fresh fruitmaybe some crushed pineapples would begood with it but like I said if you’relooking for something that maybe isn’tit won’t have quite as many calories init something for diabeticsand if you need a gluten-free pie recipethis is a really easy one because a lotof gluten-free baking doesn’t you knowwell if you’re polluting free baking youknow it’s really hard to get a pie crustor anything like that to come outthere’s a lot of tricks you have to dobut with this you don’t need any ofthose tricks you just put yourgluten-free flour in it to thicken itand then bake itokay and when it comes out of the oventhis is what its gonna look like it’sall nice and golden-brown you can seesome little tiny cracks on the top andit’s set but it’s still a little bitjiggly that’s okay it’s gonna be alittle bit jiggly but it will be set itwon’t be the liquidy anymore like if youtip it it’s not going to slosh way uphigh but you can tell when it starts tocrack it’s done and as this cools youcan see how high it rose up here – Imean the pan was completely full but nowit’s well it’s already starting tosettle it was probably mmm 3/4 of aninch above the top of my pan when Ifirst took it out of the oven it’s gonnasettle down to a little bit below thetop of the pan that’s okay it’s acustard pie they do that when they coolnow you’re gonna want to let this coolcompletely before you cut it and you canserve it at room temperature or you canput it in the refrigerator and serve itcold but you can’t get it out of hereuntil it cools so you’re gonna want tolet this cool an hour and a half maybeeven two hours don’t put it in therefrigerator until it cools to roomtemperature you don’t want it to cooltoo fast that will affect how well itsits up so I’m gonna put a whole lot ofpictures in the end of this video andprobably one right here so you can seehow the crust forms and even when youfirst take it out of the oven you cantake your finger and kind of push theedge of the pie over a little bit andyou can tell it has a little thin crustlike on it where the bottom of the piebaked so if you need a recipe you’restressing over the news lately andpolitics and stuff this is the pierecipe for you and I absolutely love pieso like I said this is going to be mynew best friend because it doesn’t haveas many calories as a choreadditional pie with a crust on it you’reavoiding all that bread and all or allthe flour and all that fat that makes upa regular pie crust and this is reallyreally tasty even when just the the cupof sugar in it it’s plenty sweet enoughand it will give you that satisfactionof having a piece of pie with way fewercalories so give this one a try it’s tooeasy not to try you saw how quick itmixed up and put it in the oven whileyou’re cooking dinner and by the timeyou’re done with dinner and you’redigesting you’ve got a fresh baked piefor dessert that you don’t pat feelguilty about eating so thank you so muchfor joining us in the in Willy kitchenif you haven’t already please click likeand subscribe and until next timeremember to cook dog first[Music][Music]

56 Replies to “Impossible Pie – The Hillbilly Kitchen

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  3. I really like this pie and will be making it to serve with strawberries from the garden this spring. You have given me so may ideals. Thank you and God Bless!

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  5. Thank you for sharing. I’m wondering if almond milk could be used? My friend is gluten & lactose free. I’ll use almond flour & almond milk. Here’s praying it works.

  6. I don’t think I have ever had this pie and I love coconut too. Definitely going to try this recipe. Thank you for your videos! God bless you always. ❤

  7. Hi Angel girl. God bless you and your family ❣️ ❤️. Have a great weekend. I’m going to make this one

  8. Becky You did it to me again, I am off to the store for coconut. You turned me on to using grape oil and I love it thanks for so many tips. God has blessed us all. I started getting closer to god because of you talking about our lord and yesterday ( I was saved ) changing lives can be just a click away. I now put God first.

  9. We used to make these all the time for a quick dessert on the farm when we had workers in for clean up at the end of a fl iui ck of chickens. I love that almond flour can be used instead of wheat flour as I eat low carb! I probably will make one tonight! Thank you so much

  10. I love this. Thank you. Bisquick has many many recipes for different impossible pies. Both sweet and savory.

  11. Did I miss the size of the pie dish? Trying this today. Thought I would try in place of the coconut… a cup of pie filling (cherry, then pumpkin, then apple) I love trying new things

  12. Hello Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy watching .And to say thank you for all the recipes. We had your broccoli soup to night and it was over the top. I will never buy it again. You are doing God’s work. Thank you so much for putting God first. Our prayers Don and Carol

  13. I’ve been making Impossible Pie for many years! Exactly like this and in the blender! My grandson wants me to make it tonight! Thank you for the reminder, Becky!

  14. That looks so yummy !!! I only have the basic ingredients not the coconut but I’m making it tonight with coconut extract and walnuts because that’s what I have!!!!! God bless you ❤️

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