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Quarantine days…..
Trying to make a chicken pie that is supposed to be very easy but somehow turned into kitcehn chaos!!!

– 3 eggs
– 1 cup of warm milk (I used oat milk)
– 1 cup of oil (I used olive oil)
– 10 tablespoons of flour of choice
– 1 tablespoon of baking powder
– salt and pepper.

How to do:
–  First Preheat the oven at 350 degrees
– Blend all  the ingredients together then put half of the dough into a baking tray.
– Add the filling of choice and top it with the rest of the dough.
– Add a bit of parmesan cheese and put it in the oven until it gets brownish on top. Around 20 to 25 minutes depending on your oven.

Enjoy and please have a blender with you 🙂

Cheers guys and keep it safe.


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

alright I’m here in the kitchen I’mgonna try to make my mom’s recipe for apie but I’m gonna improvise withanything I have chickenmake sure you discern because they’regonna think you’re making a chicken pieimprovise Brazilian style it’s not Irishstyle to our styleit’s whatever style it’s a pie sochicken pot pie Jesuschicken pot pot is not a pop hi ohthat’s a shame pie we’re chicken let’sgo so there is a little butter a littleonionmake sure you add garlic too but makesure your garlic doesn’t doesn’t do thatit’s not like this is like a tree it’sgrowing as a tree you don’t want thatnow you’re gonna get a little bit ofwater 1 spoon of whatever flour 1 thisis old flour and make like a malaika andthis you’re gonna throw in the pan deepit gets thick because the floor I haveto cook the flour knead the flour raw oknow we’re gonna put some milk to it I’mputting old milk and I don’t know just alittle bit a little bit means a littlebit so and I have a little sauce I’mgreat at explaining honey good I have toscrap for that so the sauce is gettingthick which is coolmeanwhile I’m sauteing bunch of onionswith olive oil don’t forget to salt youronions because he makes all the goddamndifference let’s try the sauce oh my godthe Sun is weak rightyoung now whatwaiting let’s wait oh let’s read alittle bit more of this chicken youremember don’t throw it away there’s somuch extra me here you guys you can stoptaking selections and I’ll have cut atyou because I was your assI’m giant I’m not that tall size II okayonions are great I’m gonna add thechicken then tomatoes and olives andthen a little bit of n-no clearly I’mnot professional at this but let’s putthis in olives and tomatoes how do yousay tomato in Portuguese so much we mixand because I have it and because we alllove thatI don’t like that’s the right time toput it but I’m going for it so Vina haltI say whining for T V no okay so this isstarting to look actually good I’m gonnaadd now that’s the trick I’m gonna seethem whatever I want pepper sauce blahblah blahlemon pepper I have a little bit of thistomato paste I’m gonna use it I haveleftover cream cheese gonna put it tohave leftover cheese I’m gonna put it aswell and mix with bechamel sauce andlet’s see how it turns like the feelinghas to be kind of creamy and yummy andvery well-seasoned my armpit is in theshot see I put all the leftovers thetomato paste the cheese the cream cheeseand I might put a tuna splash of milklet’s wait for this to melt keep staringstaring cheering dude check it outit’s very creamy now you try the saltokay it’s good always try the saltalways you don’t want to do all thatwork and then it’s blandI’m Brazilian so we love so now here’sthe tricky part is ten cups of flour I’mgonna mix all the flowers I have becauseI don’t you know I have all-purposebaking I have oat flour I’m gonna mixboth again I don’t like white flour sothat’s it we’re gonna need three eggs 1cup of oil I don’t use oil screw oil I’mgonna use olive oil but because I don’tlike what is too good I’m gonna use alittle less of olive oil complete withsome butter because we need the fat youknow 1 cup of warm milk so let’s see ohand technically you should blend on theblender but no blender no buenoI don’t know I’m gonna try blending onthis you might be too much clearly Ihave three glasses of glasses 3 cups offlour and this is already full so I’mgonna transfer to a different Bowl waywe’re confident with thisI’ll choose melon but okaymy mom should be running you need ablender by the way so I’m doing thedough and the dough is like what isgoing it’s like look it’s like concreteconcrete and then we call my mom my momten cups of flour is a little too muchisn’t itshe’s like it’s just flour honey what isgonna happen you’re gonna throw thataway and start overoh my god wait don’t throw it away Icould use that to finish the bricks thatI’m laying the chicken still herebeautifully and tastes greatI’ll be right back I’m gonna create anew gut to do moving on so I didn’t haveenough flour so I got oh what’s the namethen oh I got oats and I’m gonna blendover is going on herethis is what happens when you don’t owna blender let’s and learn okay you warmmilk and rich is telling his mom that Ijust put 10 cups of flour instead of 10spoons so this is the consistency youwant is a creamy whoop think that’s whyby the way I never bake I’m great withthe pans in the end of the day thatpanella I’m far but let’s do this thereit is I put some butter and some flourhere now the moment of truth we’re gonnaloop the make a layer save a little bitto put on top a layer of the dough okayand now we’re gonna put good lookinggoodokay just because I have I’m gonna add alittle bit of cheese I don’t know ifit’s good or not to add cheese he’sgonna get too moist but whatever I’mtrying to use everything I have I’m notleaving the house in this quarantine sobasically guys that’s why it’s a messright now by the way talking about messlet’s go back to this now carefullyspread the rest of the dough on top ofit okaylooking good I’m just spread a littlebit oh I forgot one key ingredient thebaking oven powder should I quit I’mgonna try without it there’s AG is gonnagrill or not it’s gonna be funny momthat’s why every week okay so clearlythis is not gonna grow you might alittle because there’s eggs hopefully itdoesn’t grow too much because I leadenlaughs any space to it so what they willlearn todayJulia can’t bake period I am great cookI promise but on the stove when it comesto oven fail big time now I don’t knowif it’s gonna taste good or not but thisbatter chase magnificent even thoughit’s not gonna grow momthat’s good any of them cheat your buttis in a videohey baby do you smell goodokay kitchen is clean wash the disheswe’re just waiting for the final lineguys pie is ready you smell good looksgood I test it with the little stick Iput in the pie and it’s fine I mean it’sdry so I’m gonna have a little greensalad with the pine letting the pie cooldown a little bit but please make yourown sauce it makes all the differenceit’s so easyI like adding lemon so some fresh lemonI love adding mustard squeeze mustard umsome good olive oil just put a littlebabel that’s good I love adding ballsanic sanic my sonic mouse and bakedinner go in it Jesus with it so littlesplash of balsamicsalts because what I told yousalt is necessary I know if you havehigh blood pressure and stuff be carefulof course you close this little bigthing in here okay that’s it you closethis thing hopefully this is the rightlead let’s spraylittle sauce try it’s actually greatthen don’tthree so okay folks with that the momentof truth I made a place for my husbandlet it looks very delicious look theparmesan and a little green salad andPhilippe you were to try don’t – okay sothat’s the moment of truth Hubbs gonnatry fire this is our not the salad wouldyou like the salad try the pie you haveto cut with a knifeis it good is it badcome on Julia tell me this is possiblythe greatest thing I’ve ever tasted inmy life even if you suck is not gonnastay its ownthanks for trying to you let me try nohmm it’ll be bad if you like normalflower – you know I mean this is oldflower cuz I get crust it’s not no it’sstrange it doesn’t really taste likeanythingreally because it doesn’t have aparticular taste it’s supposed to be asoft pie with chicken meat you don’tthink it’s still really love of biryeodoesn’t seem like anything good come ongood you have a smoker palette I have asmokers palette yeah I like it’s verygood good job bye


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