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How to bake Sheperds Pie | English and Tagalog Language/Caption | Philippines

Hey guys, i’m Rudilyn Crompton (filipina) and i have British husband and we live happy and simple life here in the philippines , we have Farm and we’re doing farm here together and also i’m doing a cooking and baking vlog/tutorial and some random vlog of us family doing anything we can😊🥰

🎵 – VLLO

– rudilyncrompton

I’m not a professional baker or food chief or what ever you call it, i’m just doing what i learned and what i think for me is Good or Correct
All i wanted here is to share it here in my channel😊

#farming #cooking #baking
#howtoplant #howtocook #howtobake #howtomake
#filipinabritishcouple #cromptonfamily
#howtobakesheperdspie #howtocooksheperdspie #sheperdspie

Original of the video here

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