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How to bake meat pie by Bash Kitchen

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music]three all your dry ingredients so I’mgoing to now mix them togetherso this is how many one two three fourfive six seven eightso she’s a little behind some it’sbetter you put more water because it’sgonna make it taste much better and softin the mix pie and it’s gonna tastereally really good so the more boats hadin better taste so now this is wherethey walked again so we have to keepmixing the boats I don’t even I’m noteven sure decibels is gonna be enoughthis is a lot actually I’m gonna givethis mix pie credit to my sister-in-lawshe lives in Canada had believes shetaught me how to make mix by about let’ssay 12 years ago in New YorkI didn’t learn it from the YouTubeactually lengths from her so kudos tosystem takes delicious the bottles willgonna like space it up cuz I’m gonnahurt some more let me see it’s theborder that makes its how would I sayrich region 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 so we needmore egg in like just to like mix it upbefore I change the spoon is not gonnawork so buddies because I just don’twant to put my hand in that’s let’s seeI’m not sure if this egg is enough wordsas we go so nowhere’s my hand now we need some milkany some people love to put water but Ilove to put milk so it can be more richand flavor this is so hard six energystarted play at allso now for the milk gentlyyou see this is the reason why theycharge a lot for midpoint it’s not aneasy process takes time six energy andyou have to normally take strengthtogether so I need more milk togetheryet are we getting there takes time ittakes energyall right we get back to you[Music]so you’re just gonna let these peoplestand for 10 to 20 minutes so we’regonna cover you know thing alreadythat’s the class 3 it’s not easyplease no ask me to do this back to youthis is no part of because it shouldn’tbreak a little bit

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