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How to bake an Apple Pie

In this video I show you how to bake an Apple Pue

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys it is day three of cooking andtoday we are gonna be baking an applepie so I’m gonna take you fruity stepsto make your own fresh apple pie sofirst I’m going to tell you theingredients how to make the dough soyou’re gonna need 1 cup of flour 1 cupof sugar and 3 eggs so you’re gonna mixthem in a mixer and then you’re gonnahave it in a bowl and it should looklike this so after that you’re gonna cutsome apples I’m gonna show you how tocut these apples so you shouldn’t cutthem get that big because it’s not likeapple salad so there so this is howthey’re supposed to look like and thenput it in a bowl and when you haveenough eye it should be just like thisand for the Apple part you’re gonna needabout 3 apples now we got down whatyou’re gonna do you’re gonna take thedough with something like this spoon andyou’re gonna take it carefully and infor it and then when you’re done you’regonna put it in the oven 350 degrees for60 minutes and then it should turn outjust like this I hope you enjoyed and Ihope you enjoy your apple pie goodbye

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