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Gracie bakes a pie

Cafe 541 columnist Gracie Schatz shows you how to bake a pecan and a hazelnut pie for the holidays. (Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard)

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Video Transcription

we’re baking two pies today you’re doinga pecan and kanata you want some pietrick to a really flaky pie crust wasjust having a butter be absolutely ascold as possible I’ve made the pie crustlast night because it is preferable todo so it makes it so the butter getscold enough in the fridge you can seethe like chunks of butter in there stillyou don’t want to make a homogeneous mixthe butter needs to stay separate I liketo work rather quickly at this stepbecause the longer my pie crust is outbefore it goes in the oven the morelikely it is to make the butter warm sowe’re borrowing somebody’s kitchen todaywho’s this I’m Mitch Mitch temple thankspotala tea Mitch you’re quite welcomemy pleasure I like to watch Gracie workwe sit in our pie pan I left the piecrust hanging just a little bit over theedge here and I can always clean that upbut I don’t when you’re parting it thatcrust has a tendency to want to shrinkin on itself so then I’m gonna use a forthis daunting is what it’s cold in it Inever heard that beforeyes dunt dunt it allows air to movethrough so you don’t get big bubbles inthe bottom of your crust now we’re usingthese dry beans as pie weight our ovenis preheated to 350 you can already seethose flaky layers forming 10tablespoons of butter doubling I’ll do anice honey drip for you to smell it toone of these balls is gonna be for apecan pie one is gonna be for thehazelnut pie each one is gonna get threeeggs into it whisked very well addingour vanilla now to our hotcustard mixfools to add our nuts and it has to coolpretty it’s gonna cool for five minutesbefore we add add it to our egg mixtureof it because we don’t want to scramblethe eggs the layers it’s wonderful sothat’s what it looks like before we’regonna bake it we’re gonna give them alittle shake and see that the inside isstill sort of wobbly that means it’s notdone yet but it’s getting pretty closewe’re gonna set the timer for fiveminutes and the crust is starting to geta little dark around here so we aregonna put a little bit of foil justaround that piece right theresoiled again see how it’s starting toget like that cracking jiggle but it’smore of balance I’m like a soupy alrightso I’m just moving the crust a littlebit and you can tell that it’s all beencooked through really low when it holdstogether like that it’s not gonna begloppy or soggy it’s gonna be crispbecause as it was baking some of thebutter melted out and sort of crispedand fried the bottom of the crustokay I want to put a little scoop of icecream on it – sure hmm and then a littledrizzle of the balsamic I really likethat you captured all the audio of us

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