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Ghirardelli No Bake Hot Chocolate Pies by Gemma Stafford

Our friend Gemma from Bigger Bolder Baking created these delicious Hot Chocolate Pies that will be a delight for you and your family this holiday season.

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Video Transcription

I bought Baker’s we are in the throes ofbaking season my favorite time of yearand I’m constantly trying to come upwith easy entertaining recipes that canbe enjoyed now but also all year roundbecause chocolate is always in season Ipartnered with Ghirardelli to bring youshow-stopping no bake hot chocolate piesthey have a cookie crust rich chocolatetruffle filling and whipped marshmallowa meringue on top I’m proud to partnerwith Ghirardelli chocolate not only forits taste and quality but is sustainablysourced from bean to chip and it justmakes life a bite better as always therecipe for these pies can be found onbiggerbolderbaking.com so let’s talkcookies I’m using graham crackers youcan use any kind of plain vanilla cookiethat you like also what would workreally well in this recipe is ginger nutbecause ginger and chocolate go reallywell together so just add those intoyour bowl next we’re going to followthat with a little bit of melted butterand I just mix this all together on tilit kind of resembles wet sandgonna make sure that all the cookies arecoated in butter so we have a nice firmcrust so that’s our cookie crust like Isaid this is a no bake pie we’re gonnabreeze right through this the next stepis to fill up our little pie pans sothese are my little five pounds or fourand a half inches wide you can also makethis in one big pie in a 9-inch tin thatwill work really well too so all I’mgonna do now is just to find my cookiecrust off between the four pans so nowwith a clean pair of hands I’m gonna goin with my fingertips cuz it’s justeasier and shape that the cookie crustinto the pan while you’re doing thisjust make sure it’s nice and compactbecause you want to make sure that ourcookie crust holds together well andjust make sure you bring it off thesides so you get the whole cane and thiswill just make for a beautifulpresentation these are looking greatunder pop them into the fridge they’regonna firm up and set while we make myfavorite part the chocolate trufflefilling so the star of the show here ischocolate so here I have some gira jelly60% cocoa bittersweet chocolate chips Ilove these guys because it’s the rightamountbe sure and sweetness I was going to goahead and add those into my bowl nowwhat we want to do is melt thischocolate very gently you can do thisover a bain-marie or you can pop it intothe microwave just keep a close eye onit so it doesn’t get too hot so I meltyour chocolate very gently it didn’ttake long at all now what I want to dois just set this over to the side andwe’re gonna whip our cream so if my bowlI’m going to add in some heavy whippingcream you want to make sure that thiscream whips off well sew somethingaround 35% fat content so now for thiscream all you want to do is just whip ituntil it’s soft peaks you don’t want togo too far so this will only take aroundtwo minutes or so you want to kind ofbillowy so there’s our cream this is theperfect consistency and I’m gonna bringback in my chocolate now into this I’mgoing to add in a little bit of vanillaextract and a little bit of salt I loveto add both of these ingredients becausethey really enhance the flavor of thechocolate just give a little stir in andthen we’re gonna bring in our whippedcream and put all of that in there andthen with a spatula just swiftly foldthis together just fold it until thechocolate is fully combined with thecream now the reason that you don’t wantto flip the cream too much when westarted was because we’re folding itwith the chocolate and it’s chocolatewill actually set it and make it firmerso you want everything to be nice andsoft just to finish off our filling I goto add an extra hit of chocolate here Ihave some Ghirardelli semi-sweet premiumbaking chips and I’m going to add a fewof those into my filling this will justadd extra flavor and also a nice textureyou can pick up Keira jelly chocolateand all good grocery stores across theu.s. okay so that’s our filling reallyeasy to make I’m going to set this tothe side and we’re going to bring in ourPython’s a cookie crust has set so justto buy into your filling between thefour pie pans and like I said this willalso make one big nine-inch pie and thenjust with the little spoon you don’thave to be really particular about thisbecause you want it to have a little bitof texture just smooth out the fillingall the way to the edges of the piecrustreally easy technique no fuss at all sothese little pies will take no time atall to set so we’re gonna pop them backinto the fridge while we make ourmarshmallow a meringue topping I lovethis marshmallow topping because it’sreally simple to make here I have a nicelarge glass bowl and into it I’m goingto add in some egg whites a little bitof sugar and a little bit of cream oftartar now if you don’t have cream oftartar yes you can still make thismeringue however it just stabilized theeggs and just makes them a little bitfirmer so if you have much use it nowwhat we’re gonna do is take this bowlput it over a pot of simmering water andwe’re just gonna heat treat our eggs andwhat we’re going to do here is just letthe heat and get through our egg whitesmake them nice and warm because we’renot technically cooking this in an oventhis will cook your egg whites and makethem safe to eat so you’re going to wantto do this for around two minutes or soand then when you put your finger in themiddle and the egg whites are warm thenthat’s perfect you can take it off theheat now all we have to do is just get ahand mixer or you can do it on a standmixer and we’re gonna equip this upuntil it gets really lovely thick andshinyI’ve been whipping this for five minuteson high speed and it’s really lovely andthick so we’re gonna stop now and we’regonna bring in our pies and assemble ourdessert so our pies are set and I verycarefully took them out of the tenthere I have my meringue in a piping baghowever you don’t need to put yours in apiping bag you can just dollop it on itwill look really good I just want togive mine a certain shape and then allyou want to do is just generously pipeon your meringue on top of each pie I doit a little bit in the middle so youstill can see the crust the filling andthen the meringue separately gorgeousdon’t be shy with the meringue nownobody’s gonna matter if you put on toomuch meringue as you can see I like topile mine really high so now you can eatthese as is however I have this littlehandy blowtorch these are really handyfor chefs to have in their kitchen I useit every so often it’s really useful allyou want to do is just very lightlytoast the meringue you can also do thisstep under a grill just make sure youkeep an eye on us so you can see why Icall this a hot chocolate pie we’ve gotdecadent rich chocolate and then amarshmallow a top and then the bonus ofthe cookies and the best thing aboutthese guys is that they’re ready to eatstraight away oh my gosh Ohmy gosh is so it’s decadent it’s kind ofa sophisticated dessert it’s classy thechew bittersweet chocolate makes itreally rich and it has a perfect balancebetween sweetness and the marshmallow ontop oh my gosh and then here’s anothercookie crust this is without a doubtgoing to be a big hit at my family tablea huge thank you to curate Lu forsponsoring this video it definitelymakes life a bite better I’ll see youback here really soon for more biggerbolder baking[Music]you

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