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How to cook British Food – Cottage Pie

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Video Transcription

hello everyone welcome to my homekitchen today I’m going to show you howto make a traditional British meal it iscottage I now there’s two variants ofthis meal actually this one quartercottage pie where we use beef mince andthe other one is shepherd’s pie where weuse lamb mince today I’m going to makecottage pie using brief I’ll show youhow to make this is very simple and verydelicious British meal we madenot much time at all hope you enjoy buthere’s my ingredients list here we have350 grams of mincemeat are unusuallylean mince meat and it’s a slightlyhealthier option but that’s up to youhalf a chopped onion finely diced I’vegot 100 grams of peas and 180 grams ofcarrots I have a jug of beef stockfifteen milliliters will do not alotspeaking addict and liquid if we need itwe go laterand we also have some gravy to tasteI’ve made quite a small amount from nowa thick gravy and again I’ll take youthrough what we need to do later if youprefer remya and of course 320 grams ofpotatoes okay let’s get cooking okayfirst thing we need to do is have a panof water with potatoes in it brieaup to high heat and then you can turn itdown again we’re gonna boil all thesepotatoes to make mashed potato so I needto be very very soft in the meantime apan the bit of oil in it and then firstof all start with your onions onions intherefry thoseand start to suffer as your men speaknextand start to slowly groundexcellent okay keep stirring a fewminutes until the meat starts to changecolorI’m just firstto the potatoes down a little tooheavily and then give the mince rathergood stir okay what next we need to doto let the beef stockI can make your own beef stockyou can use QG nice most supermarketsand just that water to dissolve it thereyou gothere we go as you can see the mints arestarting to go Brown now for it okaythat’s some of that now for roughly tenminutes I would say[Music]okay then what anymore mr. Lewisnow this stage it continues simmeringeverything you’ve gotI’m waiting for the potatoes myvegetables in thereyouyouyouyouand then as your gravy in as wellas I said this is quite thick detrimentso then on how much liquid you and nowgot in your dish I heard it and allmutter to italthough Ifairly thick gravy in my cottage firesome people don’t put any reveal it atall that’s up to youas you can see now got quite a thickheavy mixture here I’m gonna let thatsimmer now until my potatoes are niceand softtaste testfool delicious deliciousokay yeah you got to simmer a littlelonger watching potatoes are nice andsoft opening bowl with a drop or butterand a bit of milk nice soft thenyour mixturefive into a deep fill goshe might use to roast something inneverokay it looks like there’s a lot thereand you have some from leftover cottagepie and shepherd’s pie is one thingwhich is absolutely delicious in aslightly different way the next day aswell so don’t worry about thatonce you fill that bowl[Music]you can then we must potato on top inthe meantime if you have your grill onyour haven’tmedium to high height but my own highbecause I put in mine at the base of thegrill just to brown off and I see why ina momenta potato in there then two things to dojust makes it quite prettyit smoothes it outit covers what you’ve got sometimes Iend up having a bit of an over spill ofthe meat over the potato which for somestrange reasonto me looks even more appetizing themeat is spilling outokay so just spread the topping thenin a fork and just make some linesokayFilan touch don’t have to do this thisis just to make it look quite appealingon the plate watch you’ll see the resultshortly but that in your oven just for afew minutes until the top rounds offslightlyChris browning top there that looksabsolutely delicious wait to taste thisone okay we’re all done thank you verymuch everyoneI’ve just finished eating mine so I wantto just finish this video off by sayingthank you please like share andsubscribe comment let me know how you’vegot on with your cooking and what youthought I’ll see you on the next onethank you for cooking with rich see yousoon thank you

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