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Cookie ice cream cake/fast and super delicious no bake pie/No bake cake

Hello everyone Today I’ll show you a super delicious no bake pie. The cookie ice cream cake is very fast to prepare and is similar in taste to the cookie ice cream. In the heat a perfect dessert; D

200 ml of milk
80 g of sugar
250 g curds
250 g mascarpone
400 g of whipped cream
8 Tl. San Apart
Juice of half a lemon
175 g of cookies

Cold whipped cream with 4 Tl. Beat San-Apart and place in the fridge.
Mix the quark, mascarpone and sugar with the help of a food processor or hand mixer until a creamy consistency is obtained. Add vanilla extract and lemon juice and stir. Add San-Apart and mix again.
Place cookies in a freezer bag. With a roll bar the cookies stomp small.
Add half of the cookies to the delicious cream. Finally, fold in the cold whipped whipped cream.
Cake Ingredients:
Rectangular baking frame on approx. Adjust 28 cm x 18 cm.
Soak the biscuits from both sides into the milk and lay them down so that the sugar side is pointing upwards. Do the same with other spoon biscuits until the bottom of the baking frame is filled.
Spread the whole cream on the biscuits and smooth. Spread the other half of small mashed cookies on the surface of the cake.

Put the cake in the fridge for about 4 hours or overnight.

Remove the cake from the baking frame. Finished !!!
Good Appetite!!!
best regards
Your Galina

Original of the video here

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