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Baking My Grandma’s Famous Pecan Pie! |SO MUCH FUN!|

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Video Transcription

hey guys so I was just gonna hop on hereand make a video about the pecan pot mygreat grandma used to make and I’m okaybut this my great grandma user my Nanawhich is her daughter used karo syrupwhich I don’t have character so I amgoing to try maple syrup I looked upsubstitutions for Japan Oh syrup andit’s added one of the substitutions wasmaple syrup which I happen to have afool thing I like to get the peak aMalayan salts from the Walmart[Music]when that’s not what I have another oneso I just get the pure vanilla extractfrom Walmart or all these eggs we’regetting it cage free from all thesecalls okay so actually change somethings around I moved the camera overactually in the cabinet right now so itcould get a good angle down the bowlbecause there’s no way to get the bowland mommy upper body in are in the samescreen so let’s make it easier and moreenjoyable for you to watchI I’ll put some work so I’m going totake the sugar cover check for one cupof Karo syrup you would do wonderful sirso this doesn’t work this is gonna be awasteI love today whenever I know what I’mdoing but baking is so much more of thescience I have to get everythingcompletely right[Music]Phyllis butter on the stove[Music][Music]guys together[Music][Music]honestly I could have misunderstood hershe’s just kind of told it real fastthat Thanksgivingwe’ll see okay so we go serve the sugarnow we’re gonna mix it all togetherI’m sorry my husband walked in and yougot me distracted son short they can runoff so I didn’t do anything off camera[Music][Music][Music]okay so this is city I am going to putthe pipe pressing okay so I got my hotpan and I’m gonna spray it the last timeI made a pie it was a huge party freshfuture features from the and I actuallymade my pie crust whole daywhich it wasn’t prettyyou know I think what ties people whomake prized always think I’m so prettyI’m just going with a storm on highpress this is my personal never but I’mmore of it okay all the desserts that Ido make I do make from scratch because Idon’t like a bunch of the store-boughtstuff with all the fillers andartificial ingredients and stuff thattastes good but it’s not good for yourbodyI could never count on the way theychange me baby[Music]we will go out some very difficultchoicemy first in here so how do it okay soI’m done with this six four five tenminutes because she said a lot of Super15 but I thought there’s been the finestbaby so I’ll cut you back in about tenminutes okay so I’m back and it’s beenabout all together 15 minutes so I’mgonna mix one more time I love the smellof like melted butter and sugar andvanillathanks together[Music][Music][Music]take a little bit of sugar and sprinkledover the top I’ve noticed that when I dothat looks like cakes and brownies nowlet’s get some even better a little bit[Music]I will show you guys in about 45 to 50minutes okay okay so here’s the close upof the pie I know I probably should haveused more pecans to fill in like littlegaps but you know what it looks edibleand that’s really all that matters to me[Music]

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