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Bake a Pie with Mr F!

Follow along with Mr F while he bakes a yummie veggie pie. Make it yourself or just be entertained by his mediocre attempt at cooking!

If you want to have a go at this you MUST ask a parent to help you. There are some cutting skills and taking things out of the oven that need an adult. If you want reminding of the chopping techniques we have learnt in school there are links to the Youtube vids below

https://youtu.be/wVJUD8SSQRA – Claw Grip
https://youtu.be/BdXjLJNWu44 – Bridge Grip

For the shortcrust pastry
450g plain flour
200g butter
7/8 Tablespoons water
An egg for coating the top
(Or just buy your own pastry!)

For the filling
5/6 Sweet Potatoes (Or a butternut squash)
Bag of spinach
2 packs of goat’s cheese

Original of the video here

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