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what’s up y’all this your boy Sheltonwith another fire ass episode ofwake-and-bake Inc this morning we got anew strand and this strand is there itis berry pieyou know what family is from yes thecookies fam this is very piethere wasn’t anything online about itthe only thing they oh my goodness youguys see how nice that looksyeah so the only thing they had onlineabout it was was it a cherry pie and allevery pot but berry pot you know peanutbutters every pot but very pie so we’regonna pop wow that really smells likeberries is crazyoh let’s clear the bowl I hope you guysslept well last night hope you guys havea beautiful awesome evening I woke upthis morning feeling like a king asusual yall already know I woke up thismorning was hungry as hell I don’t knowyou’ve been so hungry that your freakinhands are shakingthat’s a hungry but the top it all is Ihad to drive my mom somewhere so Icouldn’t even eat right away it took melike I had to drive her like a half houraway and then drive no 40 minutes awayin the 40 minutes back so it was like along-ass time the whole time I’m drivingmy hands are like this my stomach’swrong my head swimming out I felt reallyreally weird like at any moment I couldget an accident I don’t like thatfeelingme no likey so I rush home happy -peanut butter sandwich because y’allknow I’m vegetarian I eat no meat sohaving cooked peanut butter sandwichesI’ve kind of messed up my diet thismorning cuz I had it on white bread Idon’t usually eat white bread y’all knowthat’s that’s like bleeps bread or he’snot really good for you so I usually eatwheat bread this morning that whitebread because I couldn’t make it to Romefast enough so I got a darling like raremy grad Oh anyway that’s your new yo-yothe smells really good man berry pie Wowlet’s see if the cookie fans got tooffer this berry pot grazie because thefirst player to hit my mouth was I can’ttake berries cuz it really did tastelike berries what it tastes likewas that freaking pie right therewhenever you imagine that pie to tastelike that’s what this we tastes likeit’s crazy wow that is a nice niceflavor there y’all remember before Itold you about some weed this that looksreally good but hang on look at thatokay that bud you guys that shit looksgood don’t it I don’t know about goodbut I think it’s some bull shit butthat’s another timeI won’t even review that shit becauseone because I don’t know the name of itI just somebody just gave it to meyesterday and it looks like it really isthe bud really looks good it takes anice photo everything that looks reallynice but hell nawI can’t get over I can’t get over howmuch it tastes like berries wow that isa really interesting flavor I’ve hadweed to taste like everything you knowtastes like fucking I’ve had weed ittastes like cat piss nothing ever everhad cat piss but it was cat pissI bet me – tastes like chocolate weed ittastes like cherries strawberriesoranges fucking watermelon I don’t thinkthat I’ve ever had a weed taste likeberries out of all those wheat thattasted like watermelon and all thatother shit they tasted like it but itwas like a slight who’s like anaftertaste of it you know like I don’tknow I can’t explain it was like it wasreally modeled like you tasted my ownstuff but this shit is like dairy inyour face me sheesh like I feel like Ievery hit actually be like chewing onsome goddamn berries over here that is ainteresting flavor to say the least mypalate has never tasted such fruitinessfuck out herewell that is awesomely interesting hiexcuse methat’s a nice no my note wants to startrunning this is some BS I guess younoticed when you got some good blowingyour nose start running stuff closegroan fire Blade yeah got a late startthis morning guys it’s like like damnit’s 7:40 sheesh y’all no use I like toget this knocked out by like five fivethirty before I have to take my mom’s toher um her appointment every other dayshe goes up where did she goOh Tuesday Thursdays and Saturdays soyeah took a diesel Network the only thatthat weakens fuck is with a whirl ofDaddy’s no buenosorry oh all rightwe’re gonna make that one up for youfirstthank you very much all right okay let’sget it togetherokay thank you shall we try this againwhoo doggies yes that hit right therehas taken my hi from here to here geezand I feel it right herethere’s no harshness on my throatthere’s no burningthere’s no oily sensation this just goodold mother humming exotic Wow I can saythat I think the cookies family has doneit againyou know cookies found a damn when theycame anyway y’all know thatwho’s we who jesus take the wheelwhoo that is a good hi there thank yathank you very much so should wewell flavor critique it in a minuteyes okayso I’ll just get one to ten one beingthe worst ten being the best of theflavor critique of this berry pie no ohthis berry pie although it was throughdelicious I’m gonna have to give this afive six we’ll give it a sixthe wake-and-bake score for the flavorcritique of this berry pie is a low sixhigh five cuddle I guess I remember hiBob get it yeah but uh it’s uh we’llgive it six it’s pretty good but theflavors is it’s it’s not something thatI’ve ever tasted before like the berrytaste I was just telling you guys aboutbut it’s just it’s average it’s not it’sa good very taste but it doesn’t likegrab you by your nothing taste me youknow it’s not like that like I’ve hadsomebody that’s the first thing what wasit they don’t cheat appears cheatedpitched peanut butter breath that’s theone peanut butter bread man that shitwas like I didn’t really get you knowwhat I didn’t give a damn if I got hirednot man cuz the we was so got-damneddelicious oh they should bottle thatflavor and sell it shit men able totaste the good in the motherfuckingsandwich or a motherfucking drink peanutbutter breath could you guys ever haddispensary great peanut butter breath OhMy Jesusthat shit is tasty yet delicious tastyand delicious that stuff but didn’t ahigh kicked in we’re not talking aboutpeanut butter breathless listen let’stalk about this this berry pot let’s getoff that peanut butter bread was anotherepisode ago and it makes me want tosmoke shit it’s delicious though reallyyes indeedy beat me oh my goodness I amquite high I’m trying to hang aroundlong enough for the high to kick infully you know so I can explain thefullness of this buzz to you um Brownyou know on a scale of one to ten onebeing worse didn’t be in the best of thehigh of this cherry pie made by thecookies family give it up for cherryberry classic cherry pop give it up forBarry Pottsanyway the high of this I would have togive this I’m pretty high I’m prettyhard I think I’ll give it a 8 I thinkit’s worthy of an 80 yep it’s that goodwhat I recommend very parts of myfriends I’m recommending it to you guysif you run across dispensary great Barrypot pick that shit up taste ittell me what you think of it if you’d beanybody’s tasted that berry pot let meknow what you think of a man let me letme know if my critique is is clever orif it’s proper enough you understandwere laying out whoo whoo gasps manso I guess I burn cottesloe – I don’teven know how many hits that was butthat was a lot of hits but it’s a littleboy I’ll see how little ed bowlers it’sa little snapper ball it’s supposed tobe a snapper but um it burnt properlymember no offence it lasted the wholevideo so I hope you guys have a awesomeor not forgot what I was gonna say Ihope you guys have an awesomebeautifully blessed morning I hope yourday is proper you get everything thatyou desire let your wildest dreams cometrue as long as they don’t hurt you oranybody else I love you guys I thank youguys for watching the videos thank youfor subscribing to the channelthank you for the post notification setthank you guys for everything Iappreciate you guys I really do thanksfor the comments you guys already knowi’ma say man you got to go home but yougot to get the hell out of here andguess what else they be

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