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How to cook a bean cottage pie

This week James shows us how to make a delicious Vegetarian bean chilli.
Have a go and making it yourself and let us now how it went on:
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Video Transcription

hi I’m James I’m your chance cook thisweek’s cooking with you escape and he’llwhich is a vegetable and bean rightright so let’s get started first thingwe’re going to do is finding dice all ofour vegetables so a carrot onion stickscelery let’s start with the carrot nowif you want to peel the carrot you cannot peeled this on I have given it awash so what we’re gonna do is we’regonna chop off top on the tail for thatnot scratch ball and to get a good diceon a carrot where I find easiest iswe’re gonna take off a slice first ofall and then we’re gonna put it on thatflat edge there so it doesn’t rollaround as much and then what we’re gonnado is we’re gonna turn this into slicesthin as possible if you can and thenwith these slices what you’re going todo you can stack them up a few at a timewe’re going to turn these into six[Music]just show you a few and then turn thosearound just being moved careful take itslow because they’re kind of quite toughyou don’t cut yourself and then we cancut our sticks it’s a nice fine dice andthe better the dice is now the betterthe texture of the sauce is later[Music]there’s our carrot diced nice and smallnext we’re going to do the stick ofcelery so I’m gonna take off the littleend pieces that we don’t want and sameas the carrot I’m just going to cut itinto a few pieces so it’s bit easy towork with you’re going to take these andturn them into little sticks and thenacross our sticks to make a nice finediceokay well nicely fine finely dice andthen last but not least the onion sowe’re going to take off the top and takeoff a little bit of the bottom butleaving most of that root intact butthose in the scraps bin and thenstraight down the middle and then we canfeel I mean rather easily when it’s inhalf[Music][Music]and then to chop half the onion we’regonna make cuts across so not going allthe way to the end so that they stayedtogether so that route that we go reallycarefully types up I’m gonna make onecut across this way again be making sureyour hands aren’t gonna get cut you knowtouch your fingers and then I’m gonna goacross this way as wella bit of heat in the pan and I’ve put myoil in there and that’s just getting hotI’m going to put all the veggies in thepan and I’ve left behind the garlic cuzwe’re gonna put that in a little bit[Music]can you give that a little stir makesure it’s all coaches with the oilthat’s on a sort of medium heat we’regonna let that go for about five minutesjust to let that get a nice bit of colorbut just staring at every now and thenbut you don’t want it to burn the way tostick on foster so it’s been a fewminutes the vegetable here is almostdone so what I’m going to do I’m gonnapeel and finely crush up these twocloves of garlic they’re gonna give alittle tap and then chop off the endsand then they come right out of the skinand then great way to chop garlic if youdon’t have a garlic crusher is to putthe grab your knife down there give thema crush and then run your knife overthem like that yep nice nice and funcook the garlic for a minute garlicburns quite easily so we don’t want tocook it for as long as the rest of thevegetables now while the guys cookingwe’ll go through everything else we’vegot so we’ve got the smart a paste we’regonna add that when the garlic’s readythat’s the mixture of person seasoningsthat we’ve got for you it’s and there’srosemary thyme both dried and then a bitof salt and pepper we try and go a biteasy on the salt the recipes but alwaystaste it at the end and see if it needsa bit more seasoning as for you and thenwe’ve got the drained beans here as wellright along with our water so thatgarlic’s had about or at 30 or 40seconds or we were talking it started tosmell nice and fresh so I’m going to addthe tomato paste need to cook thistomato paste in the pan before we addthe liquid above the half of the lid onso what we’ll do we’ll just mix it inbreak it up and that get rid of thatsort of quite bits overall tomatoeyflavor want to cook it out of itsee it’s so cooking onto the bottom ofthe pan there don’t need to worry aboutthat because I’m gonna have the waterthat’s all gonna kind of wash it off aswell so let’s have all the seasoning[Music]water and we’ll add the vegetable stockat this point as well now that’s whatstirs nicely together we’re gonna dowe’re gonna pop the lid on that we’regonna turn that down to sort of a mediummedium-low we’re gonna give that 45minutes to an hour right now whilethat’s bubbling away we’ve got some workto do we’re gonna make the mash to go onthe top so what I’ve done are peeled andcut all of my potatoes I’m gonna popthose in the pan a couple with this withsome water add a little pinch of salt Iput that on the heat bring that up tothe boil I’m going to boil them untilthey’re nice and soft so probably about10-15 minutes next job is to grate allof our cheese potatoes are boiledsources looking really rich and they’resimmered down and we’ve got everythingready to assemble so what I’m going todo I’m gonna drain the water have thesepotatoes there we gostart mashing thesebut I’m just gonna add a splash of milkcuz I’ve got it so if you’ve got some ahome you can add some if you think themash is a bit too thick you don’t haveany milk so little splash of water woulddo the trickobviously won’t be as so as flavorfulwe’re gonna do all cup – oh yeahnow preheat our oven to 150 degreesnow we’re going to add about half of thecheese into the mashed potatoes justgive that a little stir in the before aswell as all the cheese on top there’salso everything in the mash as well nowI’m gonna start putting everythingtogether so I’ve got a nice oven proofdish here with nice deep sides and takeour sauce look how kind of dark andlovely dance cover but in your watersure when I’ll be getting behind pushthat out to the sides I’m gonna put offmash mix cheesy mash top of that myhands a little bit you wanna be carefulmix it up so obviously they’re both verysoft layers slightly quite easy to pushif you push down it’s all gonna mixtogetheryou’re a nice separate layer and I’llkeep from the potato started to meltcheese as well great now the leftovercheese sprinkle on top that it’s gonnago into a hundred and fifty degree ovenabout 10-15 minutes just put that inthere and we’ll come see that when it’sa nice golden-brown delicious all thatcheese is melted oh look at that nice sowhat I did was gave it ten minutes inthe oven and I switched it over to thegrill and that nice get nice and crispyon top that’s fantastic so you see nowis just pop that on the table andeveryone help themselves and you’ve gotreally nice cooking with you skatevegetable and bean cottage pie hope youenjoy[Music]

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