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The Dysfunctional Dudes Bake Pie Without a Recipe

Today the dysfunctional dudes are back in the Willamette Falls Media Center’s kitchen to try their hand at baking pies. They will have 4 hours to make their pie of choice and present it to our panel of guest judges to see who’s will turn out the best.

Special thanks to the Willamette Falls Media Center and the Sabin-Schellenberg Center

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

but me personally no I’ve not made a potbut it can’t be that hard thedysfunctional dudes are in the kitchentoday to try to bake without a recipethis time holiday pies will they find iteasy as pieall right so I chose blueberry piebecause um to kind of it seems prettysimple you can’t go wrong with blueberryyou just put it in the pie theme andthen cook it I chose an apple piebecause I thought it would be kind ofeasy chocolate methyls throwing and likelittle like pan whatever and bake itgoing to this I’m just gonna go with theflow you know try to do I guess like thesame technique I used when I try to makechicken pot pie and hopefully will bethe samedudes you have half an hour to make yourpie crust or a bakersthree two one tried baking flourOh[Music]but stevia Stevie no wrong[Music][Music]I got this no okay what is thiswhat is that flower all Riley pest forhurry up oh my god what the hell you gottook all the flower I don’t know how tomake dough just make a pancakeI’ve never made a pinky yellow beanplate what is this cornstarchchocolate pumpkin custard whitechocolate hit me to powderwaiter[Music][Music]Oh barf you’re the better babysnow-white pie wouldn’t bakes in theoven that’s what makes it darker No[Music]just start over[Music]I’m far away[Music]having issuesoh[Music]oh there’s the butter I don’t think I’mmaking this it’s like it’s like apancake mix instead of like a pilot Ineed more flour[Music]this thing gonna turn out[Music]was like stab it with your wits yeah Iguess ah you just be made that I beforeI’m just thinking like if I were a piewhat would I have what that is porn starif you’re a PI D be something fromFinlandyou’d be a PI from Finland hold on Ihave to mix these together did you washyour handsyes yeah it’s really sweet I think I’monto something I don’t think that Iwould be the crisis was sweet sweetfella supposed to be like slavery[Music]ooh I me[Music]how do we know when the dough is done Ican use this right how do we know if thedough is more flour this isn’t turninginto a dough it’s a battery I don’t knowwhat to do it lands like don’t you yeahyou know you’re doing way better thanthat I don’t think it’s let me get thattexture though yeah I definitely I don’tknow what else I have that pink secondnote hey Siri how do you think those[Music]George or thick spotswhy can’t whisper walk my dog[Music]wait why we’re always opposed to do thefeeling right now this is just pumpkinspice I’m making the whatever this isthe crust tastes like pumpkin – any moreflour but at this point I think thatit’ll like ten cups of flour what you’resupposed to do can I just use the restof this bag I think I’ve made a use ofyeast I see well if we needed that no Ihope my grandma doesn’t watch thisshe’ll be citizen yeah you know mygrandma’s gonna yawn hey wait what arewe supposed to do with the dough put itokay never go wrong no more think that’sit isn’t their eggs and yours yep soyou’re gonna get someone else whatyou’re saying you’re not gonna die froma couple waves no I haven’t and youdon’t see me honey Salmonella doughshould not be taking this long thisdoesn’t look rightI think no is this the bus right nowwhat is that my husband made fries madeof chunky there’s a Chuck you hold on Ithink I did way too much like what isthis crap hey boy that thief I don’tknow what this is but this ain’t rightjust this points like this really chunkyyou know maybe I shouldn’t even likehave my dog all right bakers three twoone hands up okay so now we’re going toput them in the refrigerator to chill[Music][Music]wait so do I start rolling it out is2:30 okay so I’m gonna roll it out for Igot to roll you think you get Rouge okayI’m gonna come out so we’re starting onthe filling wait do we put it on thetable[Music]well this is a so first you gotta putsome here’s a problem I used all my knowoh I forgot you’re supposed to flouryour pant with your pen – absolutelyright mr. vision you have the whole aknobalright so we got our pumpkin in herenext we’re gonna add even more pumpkinwith some pumpkin spiceall right I’m trying to fix my mistakebut using the rest of my dome cleaningon topoh that is that a min and that will notwork I I have failedI okay there are some of this in herepick my gels on a road out all rightwhere’s that showing to the overestimate rather than under estimated[Music]all right and now oh that looks so badit might be too thick for we’re justgoing I’m sick of this I really don’tknow that’s it kind of big calm I go atthe farm I’m just flipping like anomelette why not what’s gonna happen ifI flip it like a night I put too muchbutterI don’t know how to pick I’ve literallynot dates before in my life Mike fromscratch this needs a lot more this Imean looks can be deceivinglike I don’t know about this you know Ifeel like it’s gotta be like reallyreally dry but ok I know for a fact youhave to slip holes in the top so itdoesn’t explode I think I know that as afact so that’s why I meant trying to putthis piece over does this piece huhit’s it’s not a PI anymore it’s like afruitcakethis is Noah’s fruitcake surprise eventhough he’s obviously you do you certainI use babies you can tell usblueberries what this is gonna be thetop partthank yousome pumpkin spice to add to the pumpkinflavor some more cinnamon is that mysupposed to get it in my houseno where’d it go all right bakers threetwo one hands up[Music]oh mama look at this all right I think Idid pretty good here compared to thecompetition I feel like it’s gonna be atough race I don’t know I can seethere’s a lot of put too much butter sowe’ll seeno I think you turned out pretty goodactually some of the blueberries arepoking out that’s okay um these looklike continents looks like purple paintbut I think the flavors gonna prove itit’s a winner do you think you’re gonnawin yes in my mind I think I swept thecompetitionthere yeahokay here is my pie I think it looksmost like a piemaybe not tasting the best but we’ll seeappearance-wise I feel like I might wintaste-wise I’m not sure because it needsa lot of flour but hopefully we’ll justmake it thick gonna be judging thesepies on presentation taste creativityand the big question is it pie I’m awitness and I am not qualified for thisat all I burnt my mac and cheese thismorning okay well I’m qualified becauseI’m currently taking a culinary class soI know how things are supposed to bemade properly I’m necessarily 70 and I’mI kind of like pie so I guess thatqualifies me yeah what do you not wantto see and why I don’t want to see umyou like like type of fire anythingabout anything I don’t want to see likejuice just like thing not be bad Istrongly despise very strongly spies Idon’t know I don’t like apple pie so Idon’t want thatyeah I’m eat apple pieokay what do you expect from these guysI expect them to be ediblethat’d be a a good thing I have reallyhigh hopes for these pies and I believethat they are gonna be delicious andtop-shelf pies I feel like they’re allnot gonna be good but you knowoptimistic I think it looks reallycreative honestly you know you can tellthat whoever made this really workedhard on on it looks nice andpresentation is definitely a 10yeah 10 out of 10 for presentation youcan see they use the basket weavingmethod for this part looks trulydelicious spatula but the pie isn’tstupidthe pie as you could see if it makes itfalling apart but you know I think I maybe time to try time to try out um I’mexcited so excitedit happens yes it looks just like onthree yeahwas a good part actually okay honestlylook super you I was expecting this totaste bad but it doesn’t this chase methis is what you should all be thrivingfor yeah when you make a pot Wow it’ssweet but slightly sour the crust isnice and crispy on target at the sametime yes why we get the taste a solideight out of tenyeah yeah like I want to spend she’sfiveI think it’s presentation yeah yes okaybut it is a different type of pie yeah[Music]but I mean it could be you know that’senough we don’t need all the crust andhere is oh I’m not excited to try thisokay it’s near sucks your film on topthat doesn’t taste too bad that doesn’ttaste too bad there’s a flavor in therethat I cannot eyes the crest on the bodydoesn’t taste like on me it’s definitelya little chewy towards the bottom youcast but what are you filling yourselfthis doesn’t it doesn’t taste like apumpkin pie I’ve ever had no but itdoesn’t taste like a bad not too badit’s not too bad but it’s not horribleno um so I feel like maybe we shouldgive um we should like downgrade thepresentation a little bit just becausethe inside does not look no it lookslike wet peanut like warm peanut butteryeah yeah for taste I give it a like asolid 6 for yes I think I think 6 whichis very flavorful yeah yeah ok I kind oflike like I’m afraid to try it againlike I don’t know I might get sick yeahcreate a yeah I mean it’s a pumpkin pieso not very creative but I think that welike started off with a 5 and I think offineness so I think I don’t think I nono no stop oh great thank you that’sgreat thank great first time making apie outside it’s pretty good it’s a goodfirst fight sorry yeah okay Noah bringin your time you say one sentence aboutitroses are red violets are bluemy path I see what Danielle do Wow sookay my first impressions is Wowyeah this is a blueberry I can seemultiple areas it seems like there’smultiple layers no I don’t I’m not a fewberries I’ve got sure there’s a cross umlooking at a sauce I can see likeblueberriesand here it looks like um yogurt thenhere just items of dough yeah sopresentation it’s cotton that blueberrypie those are different islands likeEaster Island oh okay Japanesepresentation I’d tell you about to hit aswing in earnest or what are you talkingabout a fourthI don’t like this it looks like okay itlooks like looks like it looks like whenyou yeah yeah okay I did not I did notswallow it no swallowing swallow my pie[Music]can we give it a score it’s not cooked Ithink we can all agree on thatright this is not cookedthese were all in the same oven for thesame amount of time no I don’t know whathe did no no mine wasn’t in different ofit oh oh look at that this you can’t seeit but there’s a liquid oh can youexplain to me why is it I think sothat’s a long storyThanks so I kind of ran out of doughwhen I was making it and then I had putthe top part on sewingI’d like quickly like make like areplacement dough so I I took quicksweetened milk or whatever you’re likesupported on and it would make friedbaked over oh wow so you just like putmilk on top yeah and then and then Ididn’t think that would work either it’sso like I started taking other people’sjoy like their leftovers okay but is itwhy yeah no it’s not there’s no crustthat could have made it betteryeah sure you put five eggs in it[Music]probably sure to wash my hands toowait wait wait so you’re saying thatthere are exits yeah fine meanwhile itwas also oh yeah yeah yeah I didn’t usewater you do not cook thank you thankyou thank you experience yeah that oneyou’re gonna be tripping in 30 okayokay thank you thanks okay and we’reback sorry for that five-minuteintermission we just have to physicallyand emotionally recover from that yesbut this pie we’re optimistic it’s gonnabe better so Jason please present yourpie you guys enjoyit’s mean simple okay okay looks like apot it does I like that that’s kind ofcreative the little cuts yes yes Ipromise the pie breeze yes yes I wouldgive it maybe for creativity’sI said yeah I’d also like to point outit looks like it has I separated intolayers of dough it looks like yes and itdefinitely it has crustunlike not one and still made thepresentation a yeah looks okay yeah Oh abit / I think there’s a lot of doughthat’s kind of like a little zipper yeahbut I mean at least it’s not like if youguys look very if you looks like I’mjust cutting oh this is God it’s it’sclinging yeah I may be throwing thethird yes thanks oh oh that is justright was it mr. berry yeah I cannot ohokaymost of it looks like it’s bread as youcan see from that it cut very nice tothe office yeah I’m ready to dive intothis one Ohokay alright one two threeso cool I have that taste no there’sanother tasted everything app kind aboutthe Apple oh um I feel like really itdoesn’t taste good it doesn’t taste likehorror but like I feel like it doesn’treally have much of a taste that doughit’s just really bad I got a mouthful ofdough and maybe learn to little babypieces you can try cutting more in thecenter yeah should we try curtain oneyeah yeah let’s go yeah I see so seewhat[Music]I’m not really getting the spiceunderside like it’s just the filling isalso basically just out yeah yeah if youlook at an amplified it’s very likethick they also usually have a like afeeling it’s more playing not justapples themselves that’s nature on withthe but this drives this[Music]so taste not not terrify I’d say like 5fpretty good but you know there needed tobe dicing some sweet yeah[Music]cinnamon yeah I’d say to pot too muchcrustit has crushyeah it’s a pot this is a pot it’s yeahall right okay so that was interestingwhat they were this very very so nowwe’re gonna discuss all three of thepies and where they did well[Music]so let’s turn off the show oh yes yeahyeah so I think as far as taste goes thepumpkin pie I’d say that won’t read wellI’d say this year to you aquapod problemyeah visually palpation wise apple piewell creativity or presentation I wouldsay presentation because it’s the mosthigh yes we brought it out with amaximum filling yes and I know that weall hated that one but I mean when hedid to the continent thing that’s prettycrazyis he very creative yeah I think is thatenough bonus point is creatingcreativity though do we think that winsfor creativity that’s true I mean likeI’ve know that need to do it on accidenttoo but that was definitely not know hedid not mean that no so do we havewell okay first off who like which oneis the pie which was that one forso that one waits for is it a pot andthat one into presentation that what’sfor taste but I really like just I feellike it’s more important than anythingelse on so because you can see a pinethat could be super ugly but once youdive into it it’s all about what’s in ityes so I think we all have a consensusyesall right let’s calm in boys butand it was it was a good no I mean itdid such year I think the judge’sdecision was crap and I think how Ireacted was how anybody would react Ithink I was expected how here’s a reallybad crappy the cityso how do you think that wentI think it went okay I definitely couldhave used my brain a little harder but Igot three hours sleep so I’m a littlebrain-dead so it’s a little hard it wentpretty good it’s a definite learninglesson less is moreand there is pumpkin pie everywhere Ithink the heavens that I was notaffected

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