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Today, I will be cooking and eating pancakes! The pancake mix is by Mama’s Kitchen. I bought it at Kaldi’s Coffee Farm. Just add water! Please check out my blog for more detail updates and information about being pregnant in Japan!


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Video Transcription

[Music]in my last video I said I was cravingpancakes and actually I thought aboutthose pancakes probably all night afterthat so that’s what we’re gonna try tomake today okay so I measured out 1/2cup of powder mix pancake mix and nowwe’re gonna add some water now I’m justgoing to eyeball the water because Ifeel like the measurements they have ourit makes the batter really watery so I’mjust going to add a little bit of thisand then just whisk and add as I goalong so it’s like a a little bit likeone little under 1/3 cup of waterthis is the mixI’m gonna keep the power on kind oflowish because I tend to find that itjust takes me a long time to kind ofregulate the heat and make sureeverything is cooking all right so itseems pretty hot let’s put it in andthen I really don’t touch it until allthe surface is bubbling like thisturn it over a minute and then after thefirst pancake I’m gonna do the rest bymyself because my battery is dying andthen we’ll come back together at the endit’s flippedokay okay it’s ready I didn’t burn downthe house so let’s eat we’re gonna putthe butter on let’s put the set of alllet’s put the sample oh go go go go Ohprobably gonna put a lot more on after Icook it I mean after I cut it but it’senough for now okayactually today’s pancakes were a loteasier to cook because like I said Ididn’t make them so thin and worriedso they actually were able to cookokaydefinitely need more Sarah if the syrupis holding up the phone okaythe Becky Maas look so goodlove them burnt I’m so excited aboutthatthe saltiness from the from the butterand the sweetness from the Santeria butI really like waffles the best becauseyou know there’s like little pockets youknow like pockets of sarah pockets andbutter so bad comment down belowwould you like french toast pancakes orwaffles if you could only choose one andthen I have a little bit of yogurt hereJapanese yogurt is so sour there’s nosugar in it I think the kids ones do butlike just a plain container it tasteslike sour cream such a good way to startthe morning but I’m so tired guys and sotired I have a few emails I need to sendout today I brought some work home to dofor this month but I haven’t touched anyof it and I really need to because I’mgoing on maternity leave and July orAugust so I really should be preparingto not be therebut I’m just like so lazy see it today Irealized I have much more respect forpregnant women that work because like myco-worker is the same as pregnant likeme but she’s like 10 or 11 weeks aheadof me and so like I never understoodlike she’s like not doing anythingyou know like she’s running to thebathroom every like two minutes likewhat I need to get frustrated and I feelso bad because now I’m like I have to gowith this to work how am I gonna do thisI’m like I want to go back to work butat the same time I’m like well my bodyyou want to go back to work alright I’mso uncomfortable all the time so Ireally give it up to her cuz I think shewent on maternity leave early but shestill made it to like 28 or 30 sweetsI’m not sure how far long she’s due atthe end of June soon well I think wemade it to like 28 30 so props to hercuz I’m dividing props to her for realbecause I have just newfound respect andit’s so weird because like without goingthrough so in situations in my life Iwould never understand what that personwas going throughand I’m grateful because I just want tolay in bed I want to just not have anydeadlines contact with people be forcedto stand on my feet and sit at acomputerconcentrate so I’m really blessed thatthis about this being able to quarantineright now even with reduced pay it’sstill like okay I can just you know domake my breakfast and then go back tobed or I can’t not get out of bed untilnoon but at the same time I like beingproductive like I like getting out thehouse I like making money and I likehaving a routine where I snow I don’treally have a routine it’s just kind ofbased on how I feel it’s like okay it’sreally crab for I feel pretty good I’mgonna go out and the baby has beenmoving a lot and he or she I don’t knowwhat it is moves a lot after I eat butwhen I laid down a secso maybe my food was delicious I justfeel bad because I’m eating so muchAmerican food I hope they get a tastefor Japanese food because my husbanddoes all the cooking and like evenbrings me dinner and everything cuz he’she just loves cooking like I’m reallylucky he really loves cooking umhe loves trying out new recipes on meand especially like Japanese recipes onlike non-japanese people who reallylikes cooking for non-japanese peoplecuz he cooks very traditional JapaneseMills so I kind of want the baby to likehave a taste for his food because it’sso nutritious like he tries to cook melike go ahh and make me eat natto and heis just very very nutritious consciousand I’m just taste conscious but um Ican’t really eat his food now I don’tknow why me so when he cooks I’m liketurned off a little bit from this foodbut it’s so nutritious so I told himhe’s in charge of cooking for the babyI’m not a healthy eater at all I can’teven pretend like vegetable defeatlike I wish I liked vegetables likeactually I was vegetarian for like um ayear or so trying to not for animalreasons or humane reasons or dietingreasons it was just to get me to exploremore vegetables and I said we couldn’tdo it guys I’m so sorryit was just so I can learn how to cookin like different foods and uh I atepizza french fries you know Thank Youvegetarianism or tried to find likesteak meat products if I used to eatlike these uh sake what they were fakechicken wings or something they’re sogood though but they’re a little bitexpensiveHey gochisousama dead stop it was sogood oh good thank you guys for watchinganother video on my next few videoswe’ll be pregnancy-related because nowthat I’m going into my 22nd week I’m sofar behind like I don’t want to forgetanything like anything that could behelpful towards new mothers soon-to-bemothers in Japan so I do have a blogpost up and I will be writing the secondblog post today so if you kind of want apreview of what I’ll be talking aboutexcuse meplease check out my blog the link willbe down below so I’ll probably beblogging there first because it’s justeasier for me to gather my thoughts andorganize everything and then I’llprobably make a videomore in detail and with visuals becauseI kept you know a lot of the receiptsand a lot of a lot of things are justvisual so I will be linking the videosin the blog post but the blog post willusually come first so if you want kindof system peek about what I’ll betalking about my channel concerningpregnancy in Japan and other things thenplease stay tuned I’ll also be doinganother life update video because as youcan see marriage moving like so much hashappened and I haven’t really talkedabout it because everything’s moving sofast like we looked for apartmentsapplied for apartment the same day gotapproved the next day got married thenext day after that so everything kindof was like really compressed togetherum so yeah and I have I already have mymovers and everything and he already gothis estimates for his movie so it’s likeeverything is moving so fast but we’rekind of still in limbo right now becausewe’re not we set the contract to move into be like me May 11th I believe so Ineed to figure out things I close andwrap up things here but yeah it’s beengreat I’m so full so satisfied I thinkthe baby satisfied so I’m gonna go laydown well I need to send some emails offand I’m down and I hope to see you guysin another video


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