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How To Make Pancakes, Burnt Pancakes

Addie M shows you how to make pancakes. Well, she makes slightly burnt pancakes! You will find out her secret ingredients that she likes to mix in.

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Video Transcription

hi I’m a DM and I’m gonna teach you howto make a pancake I have my pancake mixalready we already have a couplepancakes all done and we have our panheated up here and we have our spatulain the coconut oil so what we’re gonnado for us is we’re gonna have ourcoconut oil right here we’re gonna grabsome from inside and move it over hereand then we’re gonna grab our spatulaand we’re just gonna put it down thenwe’ll put this back in then we’ll herpan down then we’re gonna grab thehandle for the thing you have to be verycareful not to touch this or the panbecause it’s very hot so you’re gonnaspin it all around get some of that oilall done okayonce you’re done put it this side notthe side be this side can be heated upand yeah but this side it doesn’t have apan thing so we’re going to next grabour pancake grab our pancake mix hereand pour itonce we’re done with that we’re gonnaput the measuring cup back behindagainst the fork and we’re gonna let itsit for a while so when we’re letting itsit we usually just stay here and waituntil it starts to bubble like right nowdo you think it’s ready mom so we’rejust you know way a little morebut we have one little bird right therea tiny one that bark we forgot that weput that one over we’re not waiting andwaiting and I don’t know if it’s timebut let’s check because it’s bubbling somuch yep it’s ready we’re gonna flip itover and then we’ll Pat it down andwe’ll sit we don’t know when it’s readybut when it’s ready it see these edgeshere that are cooked those should becooked when we know it’s ready so we’llsee[Music]oh it’s really hotand then we think it’s ready so we’regonna grab the handle and then we’regonna grab it flip it over to check it’sgood so we’re going bring it over to ourplate so that’s how you make a pancakeand you can make many other pancakes ourpancakes are really good you guys justlove it whatever pancakes you guys likeyou guys like but we really like thepancake mix that this kind of thepancake mix if you use this why not it’svery good and if you don’t like it it’sokaywhat special ingredient do you put inyour pancakes okay so my specialingredient is um this cinnamon with thecinnamon and then we have this oil thatwe use vanilla it’s a vanilla paste toadd to our pancakes so we added thosetwo special ingredients today and if youguys use this can depend cake mix whenyou have the when you don’t put thewater in like right when you put this inthen you put this and then you put alittle measuring cup of this and startstirring so first we put this in andthen we put the cinnamon in and we stirfor a little bit and then we put alittle cup of that and then we stiragainby

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