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How to cook pancakes so that they do not burn

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Video Transcription

everybody’s miss Shaw and today we arecooking pancakes now I did a video onmixing but then I was seeing stuff in mymyth so I took that mix out and startedwith a new mix unfortunately the littleteeny tiny ants are coming out so Chuckall that which I don’t like to do andmake new mix okay so what I did is Ifirst heated up the pan I put maplesausages in the pan to cook in the backthey put it on about a three and on thefront pan from the front burner theother pin I am doing pancake I just putsome batter into the pancake mix or putsome batter into the pan and now I’mgonna flip now guys whooping is one ofthose arts I talked to about that I’mdoing grilled cheese if you saw that ifyou do here’s another thing got it takea corner go underneath it get a littlebit in so you’re kind of in the middlenow usually you go I do from front toback because I have that stuff then youlift it up and you take your wrist andyou flip it over okaythat’s how you flip pancakes that’s howyou flip grilled cheese it’s reallyflipping go under now going back topancakes when you put the batter in puta little bit in so that maybe you canstart learning how to flip okay andmaking smaller pancakes eh that’s okayyou don’t need to make the money to makesmall ones so you can flip it okaynow with the going back to the batterwhen you see it bubble I took thesetimes when it’s okay to but um to flipit you wait until you see a lot ofbubbles okay also keep your burner downto low to about a threebecause you’re starting to learn to cookyou’re starting learn to slip you’restarting to learn do a lot of thingsokay if you already know how to do thiswell then this lesson is a redo for youguys okay so put it in oil it will boilfirst then put it in wait for thebubbles flip it now what I do is I takemy oven and I put it down to the lowesttemperature possible so that momentkeeps these I want to keep them warmwhile I’m fixing the pancakes so whatyou’re seeing me do is while I wastalking I was also knowing that I haveto turn off the back because now thesausages are done I’m going to go backand see if the bottom of the pancake isdone now with it being thinner itdoesn’t take as long to cook okay it’sdone now at my house my oven is like onthe left side of me none of my left andmy mom’s house so it’s right underneathokay I cook on a gap not gasps scuse meon an electric range I would definitelysay cook on low heat I used to cook ongas when I was at my other house firsthouse that I bought burned out and Ialways had to remember that I had tocook on lower heat than they do withelectric okay when you put oil in don’tput a lot in this one went into a spraybottle okay we don’t have a spray by ohexcuse me Bob just pour a little bit inokaythat’d be better to about 1/2 to about3/4 and you see me take this and go okaythe reason I do that is so that you’renot dripping then you have to clean upand let’s scan the book for in wait afew minutes wait until you see all thebubbles flip it and you’re doneokay so that’s pancake mix less wellit’s going to be a little bit over 5minutes but just want to teach you guysthat you can cook at home okay andparents this is a great living skillslesson even for younger kids as well Iknow some of you guys are like butthey’re too young they if they knowstart teaching them how to cook and itis part of education – okay I love allyou take care I can’t wait to see youback in school so maybe we can cook somemore okay take care bye

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