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What to eat during quarantine: Cook Taiwanese egg pancakes in 2 minutes easy recipe- 在英國花兩分鐘做台灣蛋餅

1:05 – Things you need for Taiwanese pancakes
2:51- Start cooking
So guys –
Some of my pronunciation might not be correct such as Ovaltine lol(I searched on google and it show me the slovak pronunciation hahaha)
Forgive me!
Btw I added 5 small spoon of Ovaltine and mixed it with some hot water.

For my Taiwanese audiences:

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Video Transcription

good morning Doris and Vanessa so I justwake up and I’m thinking to cook one ofmy favorite dishes which is Taiwanesepancakes so this is a really traditionalbreakfast for Taiwanese like you canhave it everywhere in my country youknow and we love that it’s really easyto make it just take two minutes to makea waitress amazing delicious healthy andeasy yeah I like things I move to UK andI’m like oh my god really makes mycountry’s breakfast but I can’t find anyshop that do similar things as mycountries do I mean even just similar nojust no dishes like Taiwanese pancakeyou know so I was like pretty strongerto find out pretty fast and then I triedlike I want you some Chinese supermarketif I you know the thing for it and tryit it was good one of them was good butthen turns out is really hard to findbut then one day I found us a cravewhich is really not how to pronouncethat poor I think it’s tortilla wraps soyes just used a so easy and no it’s noteven so definitely it doesn’t need thatmuch cook it just takes two minutes sowhat you need yeah you just need eggs ifyou need one egg and one graph that’s itand you’re good to go and you know whata cheese a cheese as we come is prettygood choice as well yeah I love a sweetcorn you can eat tuna as well you canadd hash brown a literally these dishesyou can add everything with it and tasteso good but remember always have abecause Taiwanese pancake all rightand you know our guys in the meantimeI’m gonna show you one of my favoritedrinks okay Anne Frank’s is of FallotEngland of latinum which is you knowwhat we say in Chinese it’s our hearthere so I love I love this drink thingsI was charged you know but usually whenyou made a string you just ate you knowplenty of water plenty of the mealcreate but I have totally differentapproach which is you just a little bithot water to stay up after that you pullthe other milks delishso good I love it so you know I gottashow you guys how to make these as wellthen we all have pretty good breakfastTaiwanese pancakes and a party apologyso guys here we are tea stir among ofthe hot water we need you really justneed this little the rest of where youput a milk around it so yeah we justneed me it tastes amazing is I see nowit’s cold nowI love it so now let’s started to cookthe pancakes Taiwanese pancake yeah Ihave one cheese 1/8 and we’ll just needone of these and then it’s done and yeah[Music]now I cannot start afresh by with you Icannot use some soy sauce if you don’thave this tetra I cannot eat withketchup later as well yeah I start withcheese what did you start the cheese one[Music]mmm-hmm no one if you don’t haveanything with it we’re still a show suchone if you don’t have any source likesoy sauce ketchupprobably just a some salt into your AIDSit’s very good as wellI had Tabasco but I think it’s gonna goreally well with him it’s actually goodyeah because I was this quite spicy soin that paint home didn’t have anythingin sight you don’t chase him as we comeso now I’m gonna use weekend so he canbalance the spiciness it’s weird youknowa Latin I like a young boys change forme it’s so spicybut in some of you guys will love itit’s not my first choice first choicefor a soy sauce and ketchup all rightguys I enjoy eating yeah so I will seeyou next time and if you like them letme know what you wanna see links andgive me a thumbs up and subscribe to meoh my god like YouTube total youtubernow okay bye see ya

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