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How To Make Easy Crepes (or Maybe Just Thin Pancakes)

I think I’ve found an awesome pancake recipe that I like better than the box mix … you can reliably turn out flat, even pancakes that roll well.

Not as thin as a traditional french crepe, because, for that you need a very hot/flat/round pan. But these still roll up well and I love doing that.

Rough proportions:
4Tbps all-purpose flour
1tsp corn flour
1-or-2 tsp brown sugar (or to taste)
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp baking soda
Mix with milk OR whey protein and warm water until smooth and thin batter is produced
Lightly oil pan, heat to medium-high, and pour on the batter. Experiment with smaller pancakes until you’ve got the heat right! Flip after bubbles appear near the center.

Top with whatever you want .. my current favorite as you can see is peanut butter and blueberries.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome back to the kitchen I’m busy dadand today kid and I’m making pancakesexcept actually they’re a little bitless like pancakes a little bit morelike a crap they’re pretty tasty and Ilike the really flat crap that I canproduce like with a more thin flour orsorry thin batter because it means youcan wrap fillings up in it so we’regoing to do that I’ll bear with mebecause I’m not gonna edit this prephere I’m just going to only be using abowl first all-purpose flour astraightforward is obviously thebackbone of your your pancake I’m gonnaput a little bit of corn flour not toomuch as as texture color dance withsugar I’ve seen recipes for pancakesthat go up to about as much as atwo-to-one flour the sugar ratio I thinkthat’s just way too much I would thinkmore like a four to one or really youshould probably experiment a little bitand see you and your family so that’sjust it the basics here right we’re alsogonna need some baking powder bakingsoda not too much because I actuallywant these pancakes to be really flat Idon’t want I want them to puff up a tonI’ve always been told to a good rule ofthumb is baking powder but size of yourthumbnail baking soda about the size ofyour fingernail but of course you canscale it up to how much flour you go[Music]baking soda we’re gonna mix this upreally good want this to be a uniformtexture and then we’re gonna add liquidyou can either add milk or because Ilike use warm waterand my milk is almost never one now adda scoop of vanilla flavored whey proteingive a little bit more body and tasteand then we’ll just mix this with flouruntil it’s like a thin runny batter andI’ll show you what that looks likejustice so this is what that batterlooks like it’s pretty thin there’s afew lumps that’s okay you’re thinkingwow that’s a thin batteryeah that’s right and that’s what letsthis carp or pancake kind of spread outin the pan you want to use a pan prettyhot and I would use a pretty heavy panthis is a small pan but it’s got adecent weight and that means it retainsenough heat that when you put thispancake on its not going to immediatelycool down the pan you could use agriddle if you’ve got that cast-iron panthis is anodized aluminum it’s prettydecent pen but this is small right so Ican only make really one pancake intotiny pretty hot[Music]a little bit of a hiss that’s great justkind of spreads out and then we waituntil this has started to get littlebubbles coming up everywhere not justthe size in the Santa to scoop it upflip it so what comes out now it’spossible to cook these crepes and alittle bit too high of a temperature aswell and you might prefer that so I’mgoing to show you what that’s like got apan here it’s hot it’s boiled up I putit on immediately scissors give that asecond we’ll flip it we’ll see whatthat’s like a little bit of a differenttexture all right they collect you putthis guy more like a brown crispy car sothat’s one way to go but however youlike your pancakes it’s up to you aslong as you think they’re deliciousput some hokey toppings on them this isan amazing breakfast either way so onceour pancakes are done they looksomething like thisand this is how I like to do thepancakes in the morning if I want it tobe filling kind of asked me all day sowe’ve got a big smear of peanut butterhere just add some some blueberriesthese are frozen fresh are better butwe’ve run out there we goso you can wrap this up just like likethat little burrito and eat it from theend and this is an amazing breakfast ofcourse there’s all the traditionalpancake toppings you put on thisstrawberries cream maple syrup make sureto get real Vermont maple syrup let’sgive this a try see what it tastes likemmm that’s so good it’s all creamy fromthe peanut butter it’s sweet from thecrap and the blueberries it’s a littlebit messy I’ve already lost like to glueberries so I’m gonna go clean that upthank you for watching make sure youlike subscribe follow share do whateveryou want to do this for the channelremember to be kind to one another andthen join me next time we’re busy dad iscooking[Music]

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