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Video Transcription

hello everyone welcome back to mychannel my name is Jamaica of America’sEmpire and this is my first ever vlogas I can’t all guys I’m so excited todayis such a day the what cities did thissecond of me and I have a lot of thingsto do I have a lot of errands to run soI’ll just like you know what let metranslate become blog this and upload itas a video and YouTube so I have acouple of things to do I have first ofall to make breakfast for my siblingsmyself then I have to go to the openmarket to get some fixed up with thehouse and then I also have to go to thesupermarket as well to get somehowsupplies and then I have to stop by atwork to assist where I can and here Ithink that’s probably itbut at the supermarket when I getsupermarket I’m going to look for amicrophone for my music videos so thatshould be interesting as also I hope Ihope I hope I find microphone so guysand so follow me around this beachbefore the me around block today soafter making pancakes[Laughter]to make the rhomboid let’s get somebucks stay home with our kidsWow much too expensivedon’t see so there is no small seeds inthis onenow they’re talking about the work thatwe want to this one one thousandyou look at the kidI’m sweating a little cute oh gosh I’mSpencer Kevin put something and thenhead to the officeoh I didn’t refer you to do[Music]I don’t even get microphone car doesn’tit all spells get microphone for myvideo to reproduce reproduce and I alsofind that they have like evangelize onceagain microphone rang lights tripodstarted everything you need the lastthing that I need to get is a cameragarageso yeah just ins and outs because Ihated American electronics they havesomething any of these things that wasinitially Avenue you guys can see mehonestly so courts are you guys thatsimple[Music]it’s about friends it was a show memouth no future no future[Music]you guys[Music]the residents have possibly might be putI mean they have a possibly might occurbut whatever they have you have to youhave to connect it to like a receiverlike a mixerwell I just want the one that you justlike it’s my where they can just connectto your camera or they can just connectto your food there’s one lesson next toa dream they have the trap expand andEngland is Russia check in the HomeDepot departments that she’s meet upsoon because I’m looking for a medium toquote department that I’m going to seewe don’t suppose I should shake cousinsby a tripod standing like you’re inglides soon as you check the home decordepartments wage will be Co partsfound it okay thank you good afternoonplease detouring like Southwest and aswellOh[Music]shoe box they do square things I’d like[Music]I’m thinking you guys will happy hereno I’m recording myself looking for ringdelight users will erase see they usedto take like pictures I mean like welike the hug like expand and you trackwhat style they used to record videostake pictures must be secularity youwon’t be any shadows yeah okay no thankyouthey don’t have that so my trip Phoenixso as if they were having like someonetold me to check the game Enterpriseshow how can we go and check theirnetworks friendly not happy here sothey’re just going to consumer shoppinglike I came to buy some other how shouldI turn so they are just going to do thatright now I’m going to get water and I’mthirstyand I just finished up next so I wasable to buy to Mike and Jeff wasstanding everything that I needed for myyoutube videos so I couldn’t find himhere next so I probably can to go andcheck and shop right I just wanted tocheck games and surprised how goodthey’re maybe this week an extra pennywhen free to check if they have it andwas able spirally household stuff that Ineeded and I’m in a car now so I wasahead here I do any publicity officetoday I was supposed to visit officetoday but I’m not able to do that nowone thing as well I noticed guys Nigelgot might have business I was using myphone to record I don’t know we justhave it at me like I always had to likeexplain say oh I’m doing it I’mcurrently beautiful myself I’m notrecording you I’m not doing it for anylike you know strange reason just e tomy YouTube videospeople kind of stare Michael staring atyou play that was go to itmind your business 2020 mind yourbusinessmind your businesshow do you guys I disagreehey guys I just got home[Music]please ignore my hair I just took mytook my scarf off and I was justreaching towards to keep it on sir I’mroom now I won’t stop cooking I’m makingbold potatoes and vegetable sauce but itis a clicking noise I mean to getstarted with the sauce that’s cutting atomato is pounding the peppers garlicand crayfish and what else yeah onionsand the red stuff yeah good so I’mreally convinced kissing your faceanymoreI think I’ll just you know cook andrelax chill and see if I can edit thisvideo and put it out maybe tomorrow ornext no hopefully tomorrow so I hope youguys enjoyed watching this video this ismy first vlog these apologies if it’s nolike you know top quality top notch andeverything the editing is not great Ipromise you guys I am learning and Iknew that with time I would get betterso thank you guys so much for watchingJanna when I wanted to just ask weeklythat um the reason why I’m looking formicrophones and tripod stands andwingletsmeans for my kids because this isNigeria okay spoke like you know itwould be better to buy it’s physicallylike going to the shop physicalitybutton rather than going good but whenI’m buying them online cause I’ve had alittle hopes to be like when you buytripod stands and small now in thebearing glass and smaller than what theysaw on the website or you know they arevery they’re not strong like the truckwas and are very shaky and stuff soto make sure that I go and you know seewhat I’m buying I mention buy somethingthat’s good quality for my money sobecause I really want to invest any goodequipment for my videos so yeah that’swhy I want to see if I can buy them inthe physical shops try as much aspossible to get them there but you knowif I go to the game now ensure prizemoney but maybe with the district onnext because I don’t find it maybe I’llask aroundthere’s no the physical sure but I’mguilty then I might have to resort togoing on and then Express or Amazon orjamia to look for it here but for nowI’m looking to go to physical shopscheck for them to buy them there so ifyou guys have any suggestions you knowif you have bought any of theseequipment and also one that has you knowthe places market might be good for allthis thing any like electronicsequipment pleasestore that kinda saw these things pleaselet me know in the comments pleaseplease let me know in comments checkthem out I stay in Abuja believe I’m apreacher so anywhere on the page I canrecommend I drive so I can just do thatplease and check it out soon yeah sothank you guys for watching this videohope you guys are doing well I hope youguys staying safe guys I forgot my Iforgot my hunter in desert today and Iwent out I forgot story cuz I forgot mysanitizer so I was taking my time tomaking sure that you know I don’t touchmy I think that’s advice if you guyswork you know I tried my best to justkeep off my eyes my face I saw me take ashower wash my hands thoroughlyI’ve sanitized my food and everything soyeah that would be okay so yeah so thankyou guys for watching and I’ll see youguys my next videothis is me signing out bye

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