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How to make pancake recipe

After a lot of experimenting with pancake recipes, I finally got one that will give you the yummy, fluffy pancakes we all crave in the morning.

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Video Transcription

here’s how we make our pancakes they’reextra fluffy whisk one and a half cupsof all-purpose flour two tablespoons ofsugar a whole tablespoon of bakingpowder and a little bit of salt togetherin a bowl we know the whole tablespoonof baking powder sounds like a lot buttrust us that’s what makes the pancakesextra fluffy melt four tablespoons ofbutter in the microwave then warm up oneand a quarter cups of milk we like touse 2% but whole milk works toonow that the milk is warm but not hotadd the melted butter a teaspoon ofvanilla extract as well as one large eggjust whisk everything together untilwell blended switch out the whisk for afork then combine the milk with theflour stir until you no longer see largeclumps of flour we’re using a fork hereso we don’t over mix the batter over mixbatter makes pancakes heavy and flatheat a large pan or griddle over mediumheat it’s ready if you can sprinklewater into the pan and they dance anevaporating add a little butter then usea quarter cup measuring cup to spoon thebatter onto the pan when the edges lookdry and bubbles start to appear and popflip it once flipped cook the pancakeanother minute or two until it’s lightlybrowned and cooked in the middleand there you have it our essentialfluffy pancake recipe you should getabout 8 pancakeswe love serving them

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