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I am making a video of how to make pancakes because maybe you guys don’t know how so I hope you like it .

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

guys welcome back to my channel therandom I – yes today we’re gonna do arandom thing like you know cuz it’srandom ID so yeah we’re gonna put thisin place and as you can see here wehaven’t ready to cook yesand we’re gonna do some pancake flourmilk sugar two eggs you’re gonna getseven or six six then we’re gonna putsome a bit of saltshe’s gonna do and now you have to mixit all together with hey mix it so loveit you need to put the eggs okay thenyou’re gonna use milk and pour somethingyou could put a lot of milk a few oneand I also want to put all of thembecause you can make crepes with lots ofmilkcuz it’s gonna be nice and like you knownot so thick I called this thing awicker we’re gonna mixand we’re gonna see you when we’re donemixing yeah we’re here and we’re readymixer we’re gonna put some butter on thepan so the pancake takes a long time[Music]okay now we’re going to just wait until[Music][Music]then frying so we’re gonna see you againuntil it’s finishedlike fry you guys we didn’t film thepart when I slipped if I’m gonna go backand burn it upI know it’s not done under but fail okay[Music]okay now we’re gonna do this on every[Music][Music]and we’re going to turn that go okay wedid the last we’re gonna do okay it’sgonna be a small one I like small heythis isn’t a code that we’re not gonnaeat it’s a waste of food but what we’regonna keep you entertained by me dancingI can’t take this outHey okay you like you like it when Ifetch is very bad this is why I’m hereto make pancakes for everybody everybodymeans my family is it isn’t a very goodcomment but my hands are weird[Music]okay we are gonna okaydone boom we’re done hey we’ve made onetwo three four five six and that as muchas I make I make fourteen if you likethis video you really like subscribepancakeseat pancakes it’s very good for you sonice

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