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VEGAN PANCAKES | 3 Ingredients only | Lavolina

#20 of AUGUST 30
Sharing a super easy recipe today on how to make pancakes. Vegan and gluten-free of course.

5 pancakes:
1 ripe banana
1 cup of non-dairy milk (240 ml)
1 cup of flour (120g)
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
oil for the pan

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel and
welcome back to my kitchen again so
we’re here in my kitchen so that can
only mean that we’re doing another
recipe but hang on much better
so today I want to do something super
easy and that is pancakes but we’re
gonna make them vegan and gluten free
and we’re only gonna use three
ingredients and then some spices and tea
powder but the main ingredients are just
three so first you gonna need a banana
the riper the sweeter the pancakes are
gonna be one cup of milk I’m gonna use
non-dairy milk my favorite one is rice
milk at the moment one cup of flour I’m
gonna use buckwheat flour as usual but
you can also use plain flour if you
don’t need to become too free then some
cinnamon some nutmeg and some baking
powder and obviously any toppings of
your choice and that is it if you want
it to be a little bit XO sweet you can
add some more sugar or some syrup or
something and if you I would like them
to be like a little bit of fluffy that’s
why I’m adding the baking powder but if
you don’t want that you can also make
that product so let’s do it
so first I’m gonna start with mashing
but angley’s mixer because I don’t like
bananas so if I use them in baking or
anything I want them I don’t want there
to be any pits in it so to get it super
smooth and nobody said I’ll I’m gonna
use a mixer but you can also just use
okay so now that my banana is all meshed
up I’m just gonna add all in Greece in a
bowl one cup of flour and 1 cup of milk
these measurements are also going to
depend on your banana if it was really
stuffed or more firm so just mix them in
and then see what the consistency is
like okay so that’s my consistency I
think I’m gonna add a little bit more
flour and now I’m also gonna add like a
teaspoon of baking powder of cinnamon
and nutmeg as well just because every
lighter spices in pancakes and I do it
quite a lot
okay I think this contest is huh I’m
just going to taste it it’s not very
sweet but I also just brush my teeth so
maybe that’s why but also I don’t want
the pancakes to be super sweet because I
won’t put makeup on top of it anyway
yeah I mean they’re fine so now I’m just
going to put some oil in elastic
and they’re ready it’s that simple
I also added some apple slices in two of
them which you will see and this recipe
would have made five pancakes I’ll just
mess up the first one so I added a
little splash of milk in the end because
the dough end up being too far in the
video you’re gonna see how the
consistency is when I put it in the pan
so it has to be a little bit more liquid
just so it’s easier to spread out but
that’s how easy it is to make vegan
vegan pancakes but just keep in mind if
you use buckwheat flour it does have a
really strong healthy it taste to it
so I really like that personally but
just keep that in mind and maybe switch
it off with another flour if that’s not
your kind of thing so I’m gonna add some
blueberries now and some maple syrup and
also gonna wrap up the video I think you
guys so much for watching I hope you
enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time

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