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Karla Bader – How To Make A Crepe (or European Pancake)

If you want the recipe. Pause at the end of video.

Dad decided to film the making of crepes on the weekend after grandma’s 75th birthday.

One segment dad forgot to edit in: Once you put your batter on the pan, swish the pan around and distribute the batter evenly, do this quickly before it sets.

Music: Let There Be Angels (Karla Bader)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]so it’s been on the pan for how long[Music]but it has gone more yellow in color sowe have to see whether it’s brown on theother side it’s not brown enough and youflip it the pancake will break it’s justa matter of getting your egg lift upunder the pancake spatula and it’s notbrown enough so it needs to go back onthe theme and in Year seven and eightfood tech we call this thing an egglifter or as most people seem to call ita spatula so so call it what you likeokay so we’re going to lift it up and ifwe see there’s brown spots under thepancakethat means it’s cooked so now we’regoing to take it off and put it on theplate and that is your pancake slashcrepe[Music]

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