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SHiks Hiro – How to make Pancakes

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Video Transcription

I click I am e3 Wow oops[Music]how to make pancakes yeah with floorleaky[Music]onions grated here[Music]eight[Music]their case have just used lemon for mypancakes a leaky half a spoonwe have X and we have milk yeahso let’s mixyeah so here I have ot leaky lemon yeahand one people gonna putfor the acid week and yeah I smash itsmash ityeah I have glasses water and women it’sactually Hector mix 100[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah so we have our oilsorryso we’re gonna put here Oh[Music]ready to lava and doesn’t become a thickchapati but in my a some of them old itinjera I made divine it’ll cut in my eye[Music]and like an act of Fame[Music]and is peridot all over make sure youreduce your heatdon’t burn[Music]I did not cancel welldon’t you see box box box box[Music]not-so-subtle it’s like Mount Elgon orMount KenyaI like much of our tree swing theirdance say good trick its balance it -international financial vanishingmanagerunless you’re balancing budgets andmagnets at Venice[Music]it’s all been[Music][Music][Music]in Malachi a me with black tea discourse[Applause][Music][Music]and to win each exchange the white teais change we’re going to make at leastchange it to the other side[Music]you can just go nice and slow right[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]very[Music]mmm[Music]one two three well oops[Music]yeah so it’s a rich buttery anddelicious add it with honeyOh[Music]not too much[Music]and I need to slice each chip rate and[Music]penny-tee Djibouti[Music]so this is a breakfast plus branch[Music]you

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