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Homeschool: Kids cook Nutella Pancakes

Neel sisters, Taya and Tessa, try out a brand new recipe. Today on our homeschool schedule, our special was ‘Wheel’, so we got to choose our activity and we decided on COOKING!

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s taya and Tessa and todayfor homeschooling schedules and if youwant to see any of our homeschoolschedules you can just go check down inthe description below so for ourspecials today we have Thursday wheeland we chose cooking to make sure towash your hands before cooking so thatyou don’t spread any sicknesses or germsI already did it for cooking we will bemaking so for this cooking activityyou’ll need some paper spread it doeshave to be Nutella it could be any brandlike a generic brand from your grocerystore that you guys go toand we need pancake mix it doesn’tmatter if it’s by scratch or if you justspray one it could be any brand itdoesn’t matter and you need somenonstick cooking spray for your panwhich you will also need what we need todo with the hazelnut spread is take aspoon or fork or a knife this works bestyou take it and you scoop some hazelnutspread onto your parchment paper orother form of ziplock bag also works forus because we did not have any parchmentpaper we used a ziplock bag and we justmade little tiny disks of Nutella orhazelnut spread and pre froze them sothat they’d be little disks that wecould put in the center of our pancakesso the next thing that we’re going toneed to do is grease our pan okay soafter you’ve done your disk of Nutellaand they’re in the freezermaybe the fridge for at least an hourand a half maybe even more and the nextthing you do is you put 2/3 of a cup ofwater in your pancake mix if that ifthat’s the type of pancake mix thatyou’re using like the one we’re usingshaking pour from Betty Crocker so we’rejust going to shake it up because we’vealready added the waterokay so we’ve shaped it good enough nowyou mustand the cooking spray the nonstickcooking spray to your pan so that yourpancakesdon’t stick okay after you sprayed yourpan we need to put the pan on to thestovetop and put it for medium to highbut you must do this quickly so thatyour Nutella disks don’t freezeI mean don’t don’t know pending on howbig your Nutella disks are that’s howbig you need to make your pancakes sotry not to overdo it on how big thepancakes and remember they do spread sowe let that cook for a second and grabour Nutella and we place then it’s ahole right in the center and then wepour a little bit more on topand that’s our first agility[Music]but now we’re just waiting for thepancakes district to bubble up lunchneeds to be really bubbly and then youflip them flip it to where it’s on theother side well and that looks reallygood pancake actually okay did youexpect it to be bad okay cake I didn’texpect it to be amazing like a reallygood pancake[Music]okay guys these pancakes looks so goodand this smell is even better if youwere here you’d be like dying becausethey smell so goodyou guys ready to bite into him yeah cutthe maple syrup but we just gotta waitfor them to cool down a little bitbecause it’s so really hot and then telais really hot as well so that’s a reallyimportant part as well wait for them tocool down[Music]oh my gosh that looks so goodis it goodit’s even better with maple syrup Oheven with just a little bit you at firstyou get that sweet taste of the maplesyrup and then you get the amazing tasteof that okay guys so we would like tosay thank you for watching this video goahead and check out our Instagramtik-tok and Facebook at nothing but mealand subscribe and follow us and justthis recipe is so amazing make sure yougo and do this recipe yourself becauseit’s just so good I really think thatyou should try it outhave an amazing day signing out this istaya and Tessa goodbye[Music]and so I think they’re doing pretty goodyou can make your own by scratch or justbuy one any brand doesn’t care

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