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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]today’s video which I said I was gonnabe more active I don’t really like thislittle belly shirt well Scott turns overoh whatever I like going on to beat mefor nudity or whatever I’d be Mikethere’s something definitely gonna bemore active because I said I was gonnabe more active so I’m gonna be activelike I said I was gonna be today is agreat thing I literally just woke upthis around you know what time it isaround 9:00 turn around there better be11 probably I’m doesn’t also a covertjust out the showers and today’s videois gonna be a little different this isnot a cooking channel guys by the waybut that’s this video if y’all want itto be so I’m cooking in the shadow letme knowtoday’s video is basically me learninghow to cook pancakes no dadI’ve attempted to cook pancakes forgoing on probably five years and I’mgonna write and ever and I felt like Iwas never gonna go right when Chad gaveup for today you guys like a help a lotof people have tried to help me beforeexam knows my background that’s my momhad to use MATLAB she acting like shestuff but a lot of you guys try to helpme before didn’t work I don’t know Ilisten to them first time I got ityou know and I’ll you know what reallyhit me you don’t really got me topolarize okay I think some on how tocook pancakes was when Idated my boyfriend when I first startedto remember anythingand he came to my house chocolate-chippancakesthey came out horrible I’m never noteven I ate it like it was lucky even hedidn’t he didn’t say he didn’t eat it hedidn’t eat it but my heat he didn’t sayhe didn’t eat it because of his ghost hesaid he didn’t because it was too sweetwhatever he’s lying not thathe’s tough nabis didn’t eat it becauseit was so sweet because he makes stuffby thicker of like what a mom who makesI scratch so she makes her pancakes byscratches up and I make them out of thebox because I’m not that times it rightso today I’m making pancakes and we’reupsettingso I guess having the camera there andbeing motivated by that camera beingthere it’s like giving me like okay thecameras there I don’t wanna lookstupid on camera that I’m 17 now a lotof cook pancakes when I know aten-year-old Daniels had a feministpractice so I find out that this isbutter puerto ricans broyou never know through butter or not sonmaybe so three throwing one freakingbeans and the others making the boysstart mixing we don’t want to waste upin this bitch we on a fork right you mixit imported what’s the same we not waityou’re not gonna tell you know I love itsomething’s alright both pork mix waterHoward’s bitchmy mom probably saw something I was likeI’m gonna get it yeah because she’snever bored if I gave myself over thisquarantine got scared hey guysbut I don’t know growing up what a momwho is definitely the clearance ladI learned that some time here guys we’regonna start off small fish or we’regonna set up a small pancakes first thisa bitch ain’t trying to up side sothat’s off a small pancakes[Music]I got the water I don’t wear that muchwater to put so we’re gonna put howeverwe think and it’s so much big pork Imade look white I’m not like this that’swhy when I say nigger headers ready justfeel like why did was out there and I’mjust like okay makes me think that I’mnot I wish I was if I was white let metell you how we’re gonna look I wannahave otherwise belong here nice buttonpeople have the nicest eyes totally loveme man you’re walking them throughyou’re watching the babyI’m doing this for you now I’m sayingyou don’t even you think yourself a boxbut even if it was another box I stillwouldn’t know how to click itand the box is easier than off the box Idon’t know if there’s the consistency itshould be should we add a little morewater you’re sweating mixing thisthere’s something definite but theypackage use less water for thinnerpacketsoh it’s all of you want it Hey welcomeit walks inside sir I think we lostsomethingthanks if you have to make packets muchthe little water boil do it I’m doingthis for you babygood body that’s pancakes I thinkthere’s the system I think that’s goodenoughI’m doing this fully wrong you have tocomment alone right now I say bitchyou’re doing it wrong there you can saybitch I respectnice wish I forgot that pancakes permitI forgot the face press kind of just oneus that is not going to be a smallcampus I can’t I just wanna settle smallI forgot that pancake stretch so now wejust wait um one thing that somebody onething I did hear from Friday was thatlike you flip the pancake when you startto see like bubbles on it I don’t that’strue or not but we’re gonna do it justright now flipping is something we’vehad a problem with every season the longpackets is it either it either comes outburned undercooked or broken so yeahthat’s been my problem for you so Idon’t know that’s a non-stick pan so nowweird about it sticking but I am worriedabout it breaking when I flip it becauseI kind of always flip it too early andthen when somebody else comes in littlelet me teach you basically the perfectlyfine like what the but now I knowit ain’t time for now[Music]cars please help me I don’t know howready people[Music]I know[Music]thank you thank youI want to show youthen one bad look I don’t want it to belike one of those pancakes[Music]it’s nice it’s a fail rhizome okay I’mgonna try again having a census ofHispanics and money I give up that’s asituation where what can happenI don’t know once I click it again I wasvery embarrassed I want to thank youafter that time so hopefully[Music][Music]the thing with the sum is I’m definitelybeing more patient and waiting because Inever really wait I kind of rush thatbitch but I’m actually the impatientwaiting for it to cook so I’m excited ifI get this panky great probably make apackage for the next three monthseverything even if it doesn’t look likeI’m still gonna try it because you knowif I fail on this then and then yourpart – alright there’s gonna be a partto watch more videos I’m notconstructive part 3 the fourth and fiveand six okay thank you[Music]hey babe I’m making a video learning howto make pancakes and he was like yes youknow sorry can we go pancakes HIC mylast pancakes we’ll discuss it if hedoesn’t know when pick this dump at URIsounds like he’s goneespecially it’s like a stay in a good Ijust want mini hair studiosI’m tanking so just cook for like 10minutes I’m gonna ship for my team Imeanphotoshootyou prettiest dude the Sun the sidefeels soft as put that on onceoutside cooking up the inside soboyfriend I promised we’re still want totry a scarywe’re gonna try it though I love a lotof stuff if anything about her likepancakes okay I said better like I saidI was gonna cut it to see the insidethis I told you this was definitelygonna be the one that’s under cream it’sdefinitely under code it’s probably justa pancake but we’re gonna taste maybeit’s just a pantygramlet me stop making excuses i’ma tell mydad’s making pancakes bigger says heknows some of my panties and see if it’sthe pancake Brandon not I dollars thepantygram this is so long if I’m gonnaget fuller than it we’re gonna try itthoughmmm-hmm I’ll follow[Music]so on[Music]I like me not that bad but it is notalways know what guys I’m gonna learn alittle more it’s avocado attempted inthanks again they’re definitely retardto nothing gonna be a part oh thatdidn’t come up that bad though usuallycomes out worse where like I open themiddle and I’m a bunch of sit it’sspilling out because it’s so long but Ithink I’m out little cooked not cookedthat muchdefinitely we cook more but it’sdefinitely not really cooked can I showyou guys like a close-up so yeah see seeyou could tell it’s not really cookedbut it’s not bad all right how about youlook I should just left it in longerright how would I sit as I fail I wasthere long enough uh cannot be I wasrushing but there will be a bunch ofguys thanks for watching if you want todo more videos like this like commentsubscribeturn on that Bell so you can get anotification every time I post I loveyou guys thank you for watching

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