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Watch us make pancakes ( before corona virus )

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys we are making pancakeswe’ve got pancake mixturefrom ratros just nowso it says we adda large egg do you have eggyou just get some slurrypancake day two years agoi bought this for myselfyou brought it for yourself the bottomnoopen it fully excuse meyour pancake if you get itflat chested yeah should we just put itin againnow we added the egg oh it’s thickall right can i mix please you’re givingmeanxietyoh it is quite hard okaywhat if you get the last pancake youdon’t get any umsprinkled sugar with youright it’s hot now it’s really justwatch us make pancakes it’s not really avideo is iti know there’s hair inbring it with youi’m really scared for me to take it awayyeah why don’t you know it’s ready andhow do you flip it oversee i’m really good at making pancakesnowhat no we have notohyeah mine’s done i need a plateright i’ve had my ownbelgium on plate you’re making anotheronei don’t think i should eat that one noit’snot okayno are you suredo you like my monster voice yesi think it’s done nowokay my turn wait should we get rid ofthisyeah i’m just too good at thisyou know it took you like two tries toget everything right hereperfect pancake yours is so spazzedlookinggood it’s good poo why you put yourthing on my plateso it gets out of the way so i can foldit you knowoh[Applause]see you next time

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