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COOKING FROM THE CUPBOARD | Scallion Pancakes (Spring Onion Pancakes)

I have a really bad habit of buying bunches of spring onion and then using approximately 1 of them before I forget all about them and they sit, withering in the back of my fridge. This recipe is a quick and incredibly tasty way to use them up!

– 2 cups flour
– 3/4 cup hot water
– 1 tsp sesame oil
– 1/4 cup vegetable oil
– spring onions (roughly 6 total for 3 pancakes)
– oil for frying
– 2 tsp salt

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Video Transcription

hey what’s up you guys welcome back tomy kitchen and back to my channel we areback with another sort of throwntogether from my cupboard recipe today Ihave this incredibly sad looking a bunchof spring onions or scallions dependingon if you’re from America or not that Ireally need to use up so I’m gonna makesome Chinese spring onion pancakes thisrecipe is one of those ones that has areally simple base recipe or you’d thinkit would be really simple it’s threeingredients essentially spring onions sowater but when I was doing my usualprocess of finding out how to makesomething I read through some of manyrecipes and what I normally try and dois I read through a bunch of recipes andI try to find the common threads throughthem and come up with kind of a versionthat I like that brings everythingtogether but I swear every single recipefor these pancakes is slowly differentwhether it’s a slightly different amountof flour amount of water the watertemperature is it boiling water is awarm water as a tip of water it changesa lot so this is the recipe that I useis it perfect or exactly authentic Ihonestly don’t know I don’t know um thenit’s what I use so here we go okay so tostart off with we are adding in two cupsof flour just use any class for this orhave a saw whatever as long as it’s notself raising you just don’t want any andthen about two teaspoons of salt andthis is three-quarters of a cup of hotwater I’ve got half a cup of boilingwater and a quarter cup of cold water tomake it just sort of hot some recipessay use boiling water some don’t so tothat I’m just gonna add about a teaspoonof sesame oil[Music]so mix that around with your salt make alittle bit of a kind of well in theSanta and you’re just gonna slowly stopmixing your water in I love the smell ofsesame oil and then once it’s at thisage when it has all come together likethis you just want to turn it out onto asurface and knead it a little bit thisway the same way that you would withpeach otherso then we I’m just gonna let this doughsit and race to 30 minutes cover it upwith a tea towel and in the meantime wecan cut up a spring onion and I’m surethat there’s probably a number ofscallions Oh spring onions they dosuppose to use like a pancake the amountthat I’m using is the amount that I havea quick wash so gone through it and I’vetaken out any like really nasty bits butI haven’t been too bothered about sortof the soft ends because I think thebaby’s gonna get cooked anyway and thewhole point I’m doing this but it sothat I could use up some of my stufffrom your kitchen so you do want thesereally thinly sliced because you wantthe dough to be really thin and if thesearen’t very thinly slicedthey’ll puncture through the dogso after 30 minutes of rixton we aregoing to roll this guy out I’m gonna cutthis into three fish doesn’t need to beperfect and then we’re just gonna rollup and we do want these to be reallythin I’m gonna do mine in kind of arectangle shape for the reason that itmeans that we’re gonna end up havingmore layers so basically if you can getit as wide I remember I was watching avideo and she said three had widths thenit’s really good because you can getmore layersgrab just a little bit of oil probablytwo teaspoons where I thought onetasting was wrap it just make sure it’snot sticking up and then add on yourspring onion so then once you’ve addedon your spring onion you’re going totake the end and basically roll it upkind of like a cinnamon bunso as you’re rolling you’re catching thespring onion in thereand then when it’s all rolled up youstart from one end and wrap it up like asnail and with this end just tuck itokay so these have been racing for awhile eventually emergencies are quite abit longer than 10 minutes but I’m gonnaroll them out now and we can cook themso it’s pretty thin I wouldn’t want togo much thinner than this because theold Springer name is gonna come up butyou don’t wanna do it too thick becauseyou want to be nice and crispy and totest where the oil is hot enough I oftenjust grab a little pinch of flour anddust it in if I can see it says one yeahthat’s hot enough and I’m gonna placethis away from me so it doesn’t[Music]and I’m just roasting these on a wirerack propped up by a knife literallyjust to get some air out of them so thatthey don’t suck when you go and whenthat out you can kind of fluff them up alittle bit because it makes all of thelayers puff upas you can see they’ve got a whole bunchof little layers with the spring onionstucked in in between them let me know ifyou end up trying these I love them andthey’re fantastic way for me to use outstuff that I have in the fridge that Iwouldn’t have used otherwise and I’veactually kind of been thinking recentlyabout maybe trying a couple of differentversions like with different vegetableslet me know if you’d be interested inseeing that all right bye

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