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Cooking EASTER pancakes + get to know me / Freyja Chantel

Hey guys! Welcome back! Todays video is a bit different. I decided to wake up VERY early and cook bunny shaped pancakes for my family to celebrate Easter! I also answered a few get to know me questions. I’m hoping to do a whole video on just answering questions some day soon. I hope you all had an amazing Easter and ate lots of chocolate!

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Get to know me:
My names Freyja
I live in Christchurch, New Zealand
Im a year 12 student at high school

Equipment I used:
Camera- NikonD800
Edit on- iMovie

Thank you so much for watching it means so much! See you guys soon!

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Much love Frey x

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello and good morningit is almost seven o’clock and why soearly I mean it’s actually not thatearlynormally the school I get up to like 680think you do nothing like 9 o’clock wayLisa this is roughit’s Easter i tactic this morning is tomake Easter Bunny Easter bunny shapedbunnies like this so that’s what we’redoing first coffee also I told my familylast night not get up before 8:30 soI’ve gone an hour and a half to do thisok Coffee time[Music]in the yeah it’s okay milkyeah it was it’s a bit lumpy my whichI’ve been trying to learn how to crackan egg one-handed so I’m gonna tryyou know this is 16 your aunt’s by theway I’m in my dojo so it’s not judgedeadokay I’m gonna come back when I’mstarting to actually cook them okay I’mbackas you saw before the photo that I metoo I need to make one two three fourfive six seven eight nine ten elevenalso these mixtures were really reallysick how much I do one let’s see how itgoes how do you make your fun like nodon’t know this is really some yarn andhalibut okay okay so we’re gonna take aspoonful I don’t know why I’m making ittutorialno one’s following guys my ask oh youreally come out do you know I took outin your livin and I went into class andmy teacher was like talking about thatcolors and he asked me what primarycolors were and I couldn’t tell him it’sokay I passed with him a mirror okaythere is my attempt of a bodyoh no that’s fine it’s my first one Icannot face this a mixer okay well welllet’s find some questions to answerI hadn’t really introduced myself to youlast questions to get to know me wellthen my coffees got we did you grow upNew Zealand I was one of horse peetastingsI think yeah amazing that long were youborn Hastingsleader you can’t be live I live in NewZealand I just split that and it looksfreaking good I told you I am 163centimeters I think or I’m gonna succeedTara I’m not sure somewhere around thereI’m not sure why my pancakes are lowthat’s kind of worrying huh nice momentthrough high school honestly probablygetting in social studies if it was inthat class you know it’s quite funny Idon’t know it’s just there wasn’t evenlike it was just funny what year we won2003 well I like that well that’s coolmy life goals are my top was my goal inlife either this vector I feel like I’dbe so you know hang on back to its justadmire thatlook look at that it’s kind of yellowbut I think it’s because of butter umwhat they’re saying hang on I need toconcentrateonce again I need to do the he’d waitI’ve got a cave you got these thingsI don’t know if this is Bill there okaya bit to the question I always hit likelittle spit so I don’t know what whereto use okay so like every month my dreamjob basically changes it’s my familyknow I’m always telling them what how Ido my lifebut the latest one is broadcastingoverseas like broadcasting I feel likethey’re just so fun yeah could have doneI’ve done there but my gosh so now I’mgoing to make this feat not gonna be thesame size faith but that’s okay okayback to the Christians how long is yourlongest relationship zero days the mostmemorable vacation memory ah I’ll swimout the other day with my family and wewent out on2017 I think yeah holy molyfunny thing life oh just legally we’lljust say oh so I basically was sayingyou miss my little hassling you longspecial but basically but to be yourname correct and basic you does itoh my and those are slippery crush noash net we’re doing my free time cookingwatch YouTube watch a very green whinysiblings you said brother and a sisterthe twins exact I’m gonna be like I meanit doesn’t really look like can I’mgonna do the little cheeksI mean I’m also gonna do oh this is whatmy bunny looks like so sorrywhat are you happiest worth in your liferight now my friends literally baby mypants even I literally do anything withmy friendsoh you’re going out with friendsdescribe you mind staying at home eatingfood and watching movies and playingskip over my friends I’m moving killingthat’s what and so I’m gonna make theheat again because it was too small andthen I’m gonna make smaller cheeksbecause I make them way too big okayhang on we’re just gonna try thisbecause againrighthoney girl yeah there’s like bunny lookslike so far but already on the headbecause umthat’s just more the heats gone beer andthen we need the little chicks and thenthe bunny’s done and I have to tickyou’re at it and they have to make fivemore I mean for more well this isviolent okay Mike eat pasteOh thing that lets the other day I hatewhen people tell me when you tell themsomething and then they say that you’rewrong but you know it to heart that it’snot wrong and it’s like just come on Ohgets me that six male stage chill matmouth open yeah tight handle and this isby pinkoh my gosh oh he is my bunny I’m gonnacry more of these and then I’ll comeback to you let’s go okay bye okay it isnow 8:30 on the dotI’ve completed all them yes all of themokay I’m just gonna come back when I’vedone and I’ll show you[Music]hey guys so the last thing you saw wasfinished product of my pancakes theywere freakin good now I’m like colorfuland also the Easter Bunny came for me noreally I have but so good so yeah I hopeyou enjoyed the video I’m not sure howit turned out to be hope your mine hasan amazing Easter but yeah so I hope youenjoyed this video and if you did pleaselike and subscribe give me a lot and asafe stay well and I’ll see you in mynext videookay bye[Music]

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