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Making Pancakes With Srihan

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Video Transcription

I’m welcome to lego star today we’regoing to make patty cakes first we’regonna read this and get ingredient booklet’s get started making pancakes makingpackage here are some pancakes you canmake pancakes for breakfast lunch ordinner put some baking powder and saltin a bowl put some fleur and sugar and abull what the baking powder and saltthen put some milk in the bowl put anegg and butter in the bowl to mix it alltogether cook the pancakes on a hot panput syrup on the pancakes you can eatpancakes for breakfast lunch or dinnerdone is it a fun book we can make thepancakes out with using this book nowlet’s get started making pancakes firstI’m going to put some baking powder inthe bowlnext I’m gonna put some salt in therenext I’m going to put some sugar in herenext I want to put some flour in herethat was a lot next I’m going to putsome egg in there now I’m going to putsome butter in there now I’m going topour some milk in there yeah we’re goingto pour the batter on the pan now we’regoing to turn over this packetlet’s see more let’s do this one first- honey yes these are so fun to do heymaybe this guy’s planning to go homewe must wait for him a little bitalready be guys let’s try this oh yeahyou’re already – okay I ready big guyyou’re so big that I can’t do oh yeahlet’s put this in hey let’s try this oneI don’t guess gonna pitch fun yummyyummybye guys

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