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How To Cook Chocolate Chip Pancakes!(Tasty Cheat Meal)

I was never a big fan of Chocolate,but these pancakes were the best chocolate pancakes that i have had. Must try it for yourself! This is also a tasty cheat meal.
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Video Transcription

what’s up everyone welcome back todaywe’re going to cooking some chocolatechip pancakes so we’re gonna be doingthis series to help us learn how to cookmore things and to teach others how tocook too this is a great meal if yourgirlfriend’s mad at you you know you goover her house in the morning cook up anice breakfast and then everything willbe fineso we have a dry bowl and we also have awet bowl right herefor the tribal we have all-purpose flourbaking powder sugar and salt and justfor the wet bowl we only had the milkand eggs in there we were mixing it andI believe butter also we put in therewe’re mixing it and now we’re gonnablend them together personal preferenceI’m adding cocoa just to see if it’llgive it like a little extra kick ofchocolate so here’s our chocolate chippancake mix[Applause]perfectionI do my best[Music]

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