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Making pancakes with my sis😜

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Video Transcription

hey guys today we are gonna be makingsome soft baked and like beating it’s soput it this come write more down so hecan see me oh yeah we added butter watersugar some or some cinnamon nutmeg andour our our helper moment our helper butour cooking tutorial helper is mygrandma right now because today I’mworried but it’s not even there’s anylumps of butter in this thing yes youcan mix ityou know we’re just gonna stop and so Iwould be there if they get a littlething right I think it’s too thick thenwe have to stop it out water you knowmake it more like not too thick it’llmake it perfect in there so we’re gonnago down sit on the far side so so thedough’s almost readyit just needs a little bit more Mexicanbacked up though is like mom said thatyou’re just gonna have to watch yes asyou see what before doing yeah okayyeah so guys right now we’re in Guyanait’s a little fun it’s on vacation we’regonna be leaving soon I’m very sad butthat’s alright good to spend time withtheir gun for the hotel cuz we keep theguider for the funeral were mostly onMonday but we kept the scene very youngwait what for thee this morning I teachour 49 guys it’s Ortiz spill itnot my shoes I crashed but I’m puttingon my shoulders perfecthey y’all so it’s sad for the fam I knowUncle my rapper out there I mean mysister it’s all it’s a girl squash justgirls okayI look very I’m at all but you guys howlook shirt but I am 19 years old they’renot you’re 10 yeah I like em how doesshe see see she’s 10 2011 and this goesa turning night yeah[Music]so gonna progress up so like I just soin all our videos cuz like we’re not newto youtube then we’re gonna have mychannel my sister’s Channel and both ofour channel and then both of our channelthis is on my channel overlaid andtomorrow we might post on her channeland that they ask you that we moe wemight post on our channel today I justwanted to do a vlog on my channelthat is what this is what that’s whatyou should you should be all about itshould be about taking your family doingstuff at like picking close with yourfamily your sisters and yeah like if youhave tick-tock go for me out since on myname is Betty 360 if you can find methank you see six feet go for meltingsock right now if my son is my sister ifmy way I want to tweet you guys rightnow Erica and you guys were so okay ohmighty top it says first person tocomment on my video will be my my um myprofile picture from but now am I oh myyoutube channel I’m gonna say okayfirst person some comments like andsubscribeyeah kind of like and subscribe hey heyI will give them a shout-out on my tipsout of town there will be back profilepicture from one and my lock screen fora monthso whatever comments likes andsubscribes the first ones to likecomment and subscribe and it has to bethe same username first first person alike comment subscribe they shout outlock screen for a month profile pictureon a month or to talk so yes yourfamilies and your friendsso I’m gonna go back and let lets themso guys right now I am cleaning up ourspace to cook so right now we’re loggingon my channel so you guys are going tosit right there and you guys can see uscook okay to the fireside just thefireside whatever a little makeup artistwe’re not finish you just gotta wash thedishes and you have to let the porridgesweat and then render sweating so ifit’s like then it’s gonna cook properlywhen it’s finished sweating weather outputting it down okay and then when Ibreakfast very late again so we havebreakfast late everyday cuz Diana’s alittle differently cut it I kind of knowyou have a stove I your side timeour eyes results and plus it’s my middlefinger that’s why I mean a bad day abandage[Music][Music][Music]on my channel I’m gonna play games anddo all looks a lot of stuff[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]I’m gonna go upstairs and I’m going todo something I’m gonna do somethingcrazy with my hair okay but I gotbathing tower cooking towel okay rightgo bring it soon cuz im gonna dosomething crazy with my hair this I needrubber bands so let’s go what a rubberbandfive needs to be monster nice so Mike’sgonna find that road manonly half when I run I rest and Breannastop sending stuff to me grandma BreeI’m gonna run down your dealer sendingstuff to me no her d-does she said bigstuff to be you know look if I getsomething right now I got somethingright now from look

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